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Monday, June 12, 2006

why does this happen....

while i am by myself and james is away? "what" you ask? my beautiful son, matthew, had a BIG SIEZURE again!!! i had JUST moved him cause he was lying on the bottom end of his crib asleep (945pm) and i sat back down and a couple of minutes later 951, he started to cough with a choking cough and i just KNEW what was happening. i jumped up and ran over and at first i thought i was wrong cause he was not doing his facial type, but then i noticed that he was EXCESSIVELY DROOLING and i KNEW that was one of his signs that he was siezing. about 2 sec later, james called on the phone (THANK YOU GOD!!!!:) and i put him on the pulse ox. his sats were only about94...i had dad talk to him as i ran downstairs to get his DIASTAT med...and i had to put him on his oxygen cause his sats had dropped into the 80's!! THANK GOD i was prepared this time around!! anyway, i had to pick him up and move him to the bed so i could give him his meds rectally and THANK YOU GOD they stopped about 7 mins later. i was ready if i had to call EMS again but GOD WILLING i will not have to do that...i don't have any more about not sleeping tonight!! i had to get dressed while he was siezing cause i was SURE we were going!! but after daddy and i was talking to him, he stopped and then he was responding to us again. he even tried to talk to dad but he was REALLY congested...i wish i knew WHY he has these!!! so, i called the neuoologist on call to make sure there was nothing else i had to do and he said to just watch him and be ready. if he had anotherh one i was to take him to the hospital by EMS....PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE A QUITE NIGHT!!!

anyway, any prayers said for this little guy will be appreciated GREATLY!! i just want my baby to be WELL!!!


Bekki said...

Glad everything got better. I'm getting off my computer...nothing but bad news lately. *sigh*