Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

matthew and alex....

yes, my two boys....they are doing great!

matthew started up with his seizure AGAIN during nap time but they have been really mild (he started yesterday and today) so GOD WILLING it is NOTHING to worry about and he will STOP!! it has been really nice WITH OUT THEM!!! anyway, he is doing REALLY GOOD....just watching him move and get around....he also got some new EQUIPMENT!! fun stuff! he got a RIFTON GAIT TRAINER and a LADYBUG KORNER CHAIR....he looks soooo darn CUTE in them!!!

ALEX is doing GREAT! the other day, i heard him talking to himself and when i caught onto what he was doing, he was COUNTING BACKWARDS!!!!!! i was STUNNED! i told him, wow, where did you learn that? he just laughed!! he counted back from THIRTY!!!! little man!!!! i couldn't believe it!! i had not taught him that at all! and then the other day, i was talking to james and said, "no, i don't want to wear the robe, it is CUMBERSOM" and alex then replies, "mom, that means heavy right?!" you could have knocked us to the FLOOR!!!! i don't know WHERE this little kid picks this up!!! i am just so proud of him!! he also did AWESOME at the dentist yesterday!!! he FINALLY after 3 visits, let them, clean, get xrays and mess with his teeth!!! he would scream and cry before yesterday!! i am just soooo happy! wow, my little man!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


yep, THANK YOU GOD!!! WE HAVE A HEARTBEAT!!! we are sooo happy and excited! i got the sono a week ago (sorry i have been soooo busy) and they have me at 6w1d (today would be 7w1d) see the hb was just BEAUTIFUL!!! we had to reschedule due to all the ice last week and when i finally got to go, i was soooo nervous! THANK YOU GOD, all is well!! i did have decision to make on whether to use progesterone or not....i chose NOT (but i called the dr the next day to get them...still have not heard back from the dr)....he thinks i DON'T need them.....i feel that way too!! i think it is more of a safetly cusion for me more than anything...i took it with my last 2 pgs....soooo, GOD WILLING i will hear from them soon!! but, i know that this baby is GOD's i just know in my heart that this little one is MEANT TO BE!! sooooo....we will just continue to pray that all continues to go just right!!

and yesterday i found out that now there are FOUR of us that are pregnant: i have my sil sil (she is about a month more than i am), then i found out on 1/1/07, then my sil sister found out she was pg on 1/13/07, & then a good friend of ours found out 1/22/07 she was pg....and the last three of us are ALL DUE EITHER ON THE SAME DAY OR A COUPLE OF DAYS APART!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE....this should be FUN!!!

I JUST THANK GOD EVERYDAY FOR THIS LITTLE BABY....I AM SOOOO HAPPY AND OVERJOYED AT THE THOUGHT OF HIM/HER!!! GOD WILLING we will welcome baby G in our home sometime in sept....anyway, more on the progesterone drama later....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007's been COLD here....

well, WINTER has finally come into SAN has been CRAZY COLD HERE!! just wanted to show ya'll some pics!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

went to my ob orientation!!

well, i went to my orientation and it went GREAT!! it was nice to have my hubby there too! just the usual filling out all the paper work and then having people come and talk to you about dental, nutrition, family advocacy (military)& a nurse come and talk to you about things....well, when she came around to talk to you about your due date, i told her my situation....i have long periods and they can go 30-45 days long.......i was kinda nervous because this will be my first pg straight thru the military and not thru a civilian dr...first, she put me at 7 weeks and i KNOW i am not THAT far along..i am probably about almost 5 weeks along.then i explained that i USUALLY (for my last 2 pg) had to take PROGESTERONE suppositories for the first 12 weeks to help me keep my babies....she had NEVER HEARD OF THAT!! so that kinda freaked me out a bit...but she said that i should get an urgent appt to get a dr to get my history and such...well, i tried and i couldn't get anywhere and they didn't know what to do etc and while i was on the phone, she went to the CHIEF OF OB and told him my situation and then she took the phone and told the lady, "don't worry, i got her" and then she took me to talk to him and he set me up for a SONOGRAM NEXT WED!!!! he was going to review my med records and see what they said and then do the sono and first get a date, see if we can see a hb and then go from there!!! i was SOOOO HAPPY and EXCITED because i didn't know if they were going to just brush me off or not!! BUT he also said that there was no MEDICAL PROOF that getting progesterone during the first 13 wks of pg helps keep the baby....well, i told him that i would accept whatever he suggested in that regard and just TRUST IN GOD..then, he spoke the words i needed to hear......i told him about matthew being born with a rare heart defect and he said WE WILL DO A FETAL ECHO ON HIM AT 20WKS AND AGAIN FURTHER ALONG AT ABOUT 36 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooo happy and RELIEVED to hear that!!! i really was worried they would again brush that off as not being necessary but NOT!! sooooooo GOD WILLING we get that far, at least i have peace of mind that i WILL get it done and not have to fight for it!!! (i was going to if i had to)...

now, the bad mommy part....i have know now for ALMOST 2 solid weeks that i am pg and have i taken ONE PRENATAL VITAMIN?!?!?!?!?!? NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i am soooo mad at myself!! how could i have neglegted to do that?!?!?!?!!? SOOOOO, today's agenda is to buy some and get MOVING!!!! man, i am a BAD MOMMY!! that is probably why i have not had to much ms too!! :)

so all in all a GREAT appt!! i have my sono on wed at 1:45 and then my appt (for now) on feb 7th....


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

still saying our prayers!!!

well, matthew has been doing REALLY GOOD on his new sz schedule and we are HAPPY!!! he got sick on us this weekend (and so did I)....our allergy count here in san antonio is OFF THE WALL! but he had a SUPER HIGH fever and just was feeling MISERABLE on sat morning but then that was it!! he has a bit of congestion and some runny nose but all is going GREAT!!!

alex is doing GREAT!! he is getting soooo big! i am so proud of my man!!! :) we asked him if he wanted another baby brother or baby sister and he said, " thank you, i already have the best baby brother" !!! melted our hearts to hear that!! he is starting to warm up to the subject!! and he is too funny...he always says that he (alex) is daddy baby and that matthew is mine...and then when i remind him that no, you are BOTH my babies and you BOTH came from mommy's tummy, he laughs and says, "NO I'M NOT, I CAME FROM DADDY'S TUMMY!" too cute!!! i can't wait for him to say that to james soldier buddies!! :)

anyway, we are truly ENJOYING ourselves with this pg!!! i know i am REALLY REALLY early but to be able to just SAY i am PG to anyone and everyone is such a BLESSING!! we usually wait till we are 12 wks along or further but i just would NOT hold this little one in and i just wanted to ENJOY EVERY SECOND of this BLESSING that GOD gave us!!!! i am incredibly happy!!! :) i never thought i would be pg again and to be given this gift is just AMAZING!!! i am already so in love!!! :)

anyway, i am just continueing to say my prayers for both my babies that all continues to go well!! we go to NEW OB ORIENTATION on friday and i can't WAIT!!! :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


well, HAPPY NEW YEARS from us to you! i sure hope everyone had a GREAT new years and this year is a WONDERFUL year for everyone one!!

we had a good new years eve....matthew gave us a scare, as i posted earlier....with those 2 seizure on sunday, he DID NOT TAKE A NAP because he kept rolling his eyes up and freaking us out and himself too!! i bet he was like, LOOK, CAN I PLEASE GO TO SLEEP?!?!?! we kept having to snap him out of it!! but on the way home from the get together (8:20 pm) he FINALLY fell asleep PEACEFULLY!!! THANK YOU GOD! we had been sooooo worried that he would have the BIG ONE but he slept "like a rock" as the song says!! and he and alex BOTH slept thru all the booms and such with new years ringing in!! but james and i watched it all from our up stairs windows and it was BEAUTIFUL!! our upstairs facing front looks out onto a valley, like we are on a hill and we were able to see all around!! VERY AWESOME!!!! and beautiful!!!

well, we also had a BIG HUGE AMAZING MIRACLE happen to us on NEW YEARS MORNING.... is DEFINETLY a SURPRISE!!! i am still in shock and that is NOTHING to how james is feeling!!! we were THROUGH and happy with our 2 little boys and this kinda put a spin on things....i am really HAPPY!!! i can't lie...i am in SHOCK because we really never thought it would happen again...we actually had a garage sale this weekend and pretty much the LAST of our baby stuff was GONE!!! wow, i don't know how this will play out...i am REALLY REALLY early and i have had 2 m/c and this will be the FIRST time that i start of the PG in a military environment but i am READY!! a great friend of mine reminded me that GOD WILL ONLY GIVE US AS MUCH AS WE CAN HANDLE and i whole heartedly agree and believe that!!! soooo, i am EMBRACING this little one and letting everyone know that we are PREGNANT and GOD WILLING this will be a GREAT PG and we will be a family of 5 IN THE FUTURE!!

so, please, i ask for prayers and good thoughts for this little bean...that he/she will develope correctly and that the pregnancy is uneventful and we have a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY baby in 9 months time!!

i won't lie and say it won't be nerve wracking but we are READY and GOD WILL KEEP US STRONG!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY & EXCITED!!

and i feel it is a PERFECT time to change my song on my blog back to "BLESSED" by martina mcbride!! i JUST LOVE THIS SONG and again, I AM FEELING SOOOOO BLESSED!! THANK YOU GOD!