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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

appointment today!!!

hello everyone!! well, i had my appt today and all went really well. i had my wonderful PAP smear that i have just looked forward to FOREVER (not!!!) and there was no more old blood there!!! and i had to get all my prenatal screen bloodwork done.....

well, as i was talking to the dr, i found out i was concidered ADVANCE MATERNAL AGE.....YIKES!!! i am not even 35 yet!! (ok, i miss it by like 2 weeks from when i am due) first we are going to do ANOTHER DATING scan (YAY!! ANOTHER chance at seeing this little one) and then, she said that she was going to go ahead and schedule me a for a nuchal translucency screening test BUT she was not sure if i would "qualify" for it under their guidlines since i am not TECHNICALLY going to be 35 when i have this baby!! but since we had matthew born with a CHD she might be able to get it!! :) then she said she would send me over for a quad blood work to go along with it....and should i NOT be able to get that screen, then she would put in for the triple screen test at my next appt and then do the level 2 ultrasound soon after. i told her i did not want an amnio done on the me and she said that was fine since regardless of the outcome i would be having this baby no matter what!! she said that they would probably be having the echo done at about 28 weeks or so....

sooooo, we are set!! i am just waiting for them to give me my date of the next sono and then i REALLY HOPE and PRAY that we get that Nuchal scan done!!! it would be reasuring if they were able to see if there was anything YET on heart defects....

so, my next offical appt will be 2/27 and still not sure when my US will be...probably next week sometime!!! thanks for reading!!