Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, March 26, 2007


well, we had a GREAT spring break last week and we were sad to see it END!! let's see, we left to DALLAS, TX on tues....we chose a hotel with an indoor pool and we spent our evening there in the pool on tues after we got there....the boys LOVE the water and matthew goes a bit crazy!!! such a cutie!


and the on wed, we were going for MATTHEWS appt at OUR CHILDRENS HOUSE at BAYLOR univ...we were there for an FEEDING EVAL....he did WONDERFUL!! he ate about 5 bites of food and he did GREAT with the OT eval and basically he was ACCEPTED for the program!! :) we just don't know how things will happen because it will be EARLY FALL when they think an opening will happen!!! i will definetly have BABY G by then so i don't know how that will play into everything!! anyway, we will leave it in GOD's hands!! we had a great day and spent the rest of the day at the pool!!!

MATTHEW & ALEX as we are eating some GOOD BBQ...check out matthews FACE!



we came back on thurs evening...did i mention that our boys are GREAT TRAVELERS?!?! they did sooooo well on the long trip!! THANK GOD for DVD players in vehicles!! :)

well, on friday, bright and early, we went to pick up the RV at the dealers...we were SOOOOOOO EXCITED!! it was SOOO AWESOME to get it FINALLY!! it was just sooooo exciting! we are RV OWNERS! part of elite group of families! and we LOVE IT! we have been looking at the campgrounds around here and there are sooooo many! we plan to stock the camper with the usual and try to keep them there so it can always be ready! anyway, check out the earlier post for pics and details on our FIRST FAMILY CAMPING TRIP!! can't wait for MANY MORE, GOD WILLING!!!

well....we are BACK and what we are excited about is...

WE BOUGHT AN RV!!!!!!! yep, we are now in an elite club of RV OWNERS and we are sooooo EXCITED AND HAPPY about it!!! we first started talking about getting a POP UP TRAILER for a couple of years and then when we REALLY said, let's go get one, we went out looking and decided that that was NOT for us (we needed soooo much more because of matthews medical needs) so we started looking at RV's. we didn't like the totally enclosed variety because we wanted to STILL be able to dry camp (not use electricity if we didn't want to) but with the totally enclosed kind, there was really no AIR FLOW because the windows were not that big! so we started to look at the HYBRID variety and we KNEW that was for US!! the hybrid RV is basically an enclosed RV BUT the big thing is that the BEDS EXPAND and fold down like a pop up tent....sooo, when we want, we can open all the sides of the beds (like tents) and the air flow comes in!!! we had been looking at a 19ft type of RV but when we were ready to buy it, there was more wear and tear than we wanted, even though it was an 2006...sooo, while we were there, the sales man said that he had a unit that was USED and on consinement and it was PERFECT!!! it was in IMMACULATE condition and the owner had been a older couple that her hubby had passed away soooo she was selling is a 23ft 2005 AEROLITE CUB 23TT (look for the 1st trailer (cub 23TT) 3 rows down and that is our floor plan) has SOOO MUCH ROOM!! there are 3 queen size beds, the sofa slides out giving us more room and it is also a double bed then the table can turn into a bed too! SOOOO THERE IS PLENTY of room for at LEAST 10 people, but of course it would be crowded!!! there is a microwave, oven, stove top, refridge, a tv, a bathroom with a tub and shower!! VERY NICE!! there is AC & heating too! there is also an pull out PORCH awning on it that is SOOOOO AWESOME!! anyway, we LOVE to camp and have always done it until we had kiddos....and ESPECIALLY after matthew was born, we couldn't do our usual tent set up so here we are with an RV!! it was nice! here are some pictures....we took it out this weekend and we had a BLAST....we picked up the RV on friday and drove off that afternoon.....definetly HAPPY we have a V-8 expedition because it is pretty heavy. james swears he will not get angry or upset with those slow drivers with campers after this weekend! but we had a BLAST and alex just sooooo ejoyed being outdoors, which we KNOW because he is always outside! and matthew, well, as long as we kept him from EATING DIRT & ROCKS he did GREAT!!!! we sooooo missed camping out! it was nice to be back!!! we actually went to FT SAM REC AREA at canyon lake and it was sooooo nice! we GRADUTED from camping at the bottom near the lake to up at top where the RVs were!! NICE!! and the people there are just soooo nice! there was tons of retired people there and the area HOST actually helped us set our site up and set up our RV for the first time. and it was soooo funny because EVERYONE knew we were brand new RV owners and this was our first time out. we had sooooo many nice people coming over and asking how we liked our first experience and that they were really soooo proud of us starting out with our kiddos camping and enjoying ourselves as a family....that was the REASON we wanted an RV so that we COULD go out camping with our family....they all offered suggestions which we soaked up!! we also asked TONS of questions and everyone was really nice and helping us out. they also waived our camping FEE because they said since we were active duty first time RVers, it was a ONE TIME experience!! soooo nice!! HERE ARE SOME PICS.....


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

well, what is that old saying....

two steps forward one step back?!?! or something like that....well, it has been a VERY stressfull days here at home with our little matthew!!! he has gotten more SICK....on friday, he was really huffying and puffying in the AM and we took him for a regular pulmonary check with his pulm dr and well, we got there at 0830 and didn't get out of there till 1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has been REALLY CONGESTED and just junky and coughing and needing oxygen....they ended up using a PRECUSSOR VEST on him!! that was way intense!! what it does is it inflates and starts to basically POUND HIS CHEST to help to loosen up the mucus in his lungs.....and during that time they were giving him an ALBUTEROL TREATMENT....his sats STILL didn't go up more than 92% even on over 1 liters of oxygen!!! they also suction the HECK out of him!!!!! and just junk after junk kept being pulled out! poor baby!!! so, we went home on additional oral steroid (3 more days), omnicef antibiotic for 10 days & and we came home with our own vest to pound on him here at home!! it is sooooo traumatic for him!!! but like they said, HOPEFULLY this will keep him OUT of the hospital!! i think they were REALLY THINKING of sending him in but we will do our BEST here at the house and GOD WILLING he will not be sent to the hospital! here is a video of him with the vest on at the drs office....he was SOOOOO TIRED (past his bedtime) and he was starting to fall asleep with it on!!

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soooo, GOD WILLING he will turn around SOON! he is SICK AND TIRED of doing treaments and getting suction and having oxygen!!!!! and i broke down last night because it is SOOOOO HARD to have your little one crying because you are suctioning him and he is just not HAPPY!!! and you make his nose bleed and he is just screaming his little head off but you HAVE TO DO IT!!! you have to get his nose and DOWN his throat making him gag and cough to get that PHLEM UP!!! and soooooo much is coming up!!! and james doesn't like to do it sooooo it is up to me to do it....which is HARD TO DO when you feel bad yourself (i have been sick since monday!! and since i am PG i will NOT take anything for it!) ANYWAY, i cried and just prayed that my baby would have a GOOD NIGHT and THANK YOU GOD HE DID!!! he did have his oxygen but he did SOOOOOOO GOOD and didn't set off ANY alarms all night long which is just a MIRACLE OF GOD because i KNOW how sick this little one is!!! but GOD gave me a nice night of SLEEP to get ready for whatever comes next!!!!! and his heart rate DROPPED last night which puts us on alert for a sz........i just keep PRAYING!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

well, today is a BETTER DAY!!

slowly but surely he is getting a tiny bit better.....he did have to be on oxygen last night and he is still REALLY JUNKY but i think that it is breaking up and he just needs to get it out of his system! his blood work came back as ABNORMAL WHITE BLOOD COUNT (LOW) due to the virus....anyway, he is doing better and is getting bigger and cuter every minute!! :)

on the 21st of march we will be traveling to BAYLOR UNIVERSITY in DALLAS TX so that matthew can be evaluated for the feeding clinic there!!! it is a VERY INTENSE feeding clinic geared for g-tube kiddos and it goes on for 6 weeks....sucess rate is them coming out 90-100% gtube free and the rate is 90% or more!! sooooo, his is behavior at this point because we KNOW he CAN eat but just doesn't want to!!! soooo, we are off in a couple of weeks!! i am excited...all they can tell me is that he is not ready for it but i KNOW he is!!! whatever GOD decides....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

well, we ended up at the drs & hosp....

on monday!!! yep, he got SOOOOOOO BAD!! he started on sat night and by sunday he was congested, coughing & running a temp of over 102.5 and breathing REALLY REALLY HARD AND FAST!!! but his o2 sats were fine! then by monday, he was needing oxygen and everything else!! so off to the drs we went and he thought it might be pneumonia and he sent us over to the hosp for xrays (i am so use to NOT being pg and doing xrays with him that when it was time to do his xray at the VERY LAST MINUTE i freaked out and said, "WAIT, I CAN'T DO THIS, I AM PREGNANT!!" it was a classic, i forget i am pg moment!", blood work and a shot of an antibiotic to cover all the basis and then started him on prednisone for 3 days...and of course the treatments!!! anyway, he has been really sick...he just laid there all day yesterday and on top of this he had diahrea!!! soooo, he is one sick little boy!! we had to give him pedialyte because he is not tolorating his feeds....this little one is just not feeling good!!! today, tues, he is doing much much better....he had oxygen all night but today just still junky, diahrea and not tolerating feeds but MUCH BETTER!!! :) still have not heard back from the dr!!! i guess we will try again to get a hold of him....

i also got WONDERFUL news on my results form the blood work and NT SCAN and they all came back NORMAL (THANK YOU GOD) and she said that i just have the "normal" risk but she said it looked GREAT!!! and at 20 wks i will be doing a FETAL ECHO on the baby!!
soooo great news!

Monday, March 05, 2007

wow, we had a BUSY weekend!!!

james had guard duty this weekend so we were on our own!!! and we had ALOT TO DO! we had a total of THREE BIRTHDAY PARTIES to attend!!! yep, we went to all of them but we had to pay for it with matthew picking up something from the first day of parties!!! i don't know exactly WHERE he picked it up but he had been congested on sat night and by SUNDAY he was REALLY coughing, congested and running a fever and just not looking good...i am going to take him to the dr this am....i am PRETTY sure it is just a virus he picked up and he will just send us home with treatments (we are doing them every 3 hours) and maybe some oral steriods.....we shall see! anyway, we had a ROUGH night with him but GOD WILLING it will run it's course without him getting any worst!!!

anyway, wow, i am in my 2ND TRIMESTER!!! just amazing!!! i am 13w4d! i have not heard back from the test i took last week...GOD WILLING all will turn out "normal"...i have just been ENJOYING this pg because it has gone sooooo well considering!! i often forget i am PG!! :) i can't WAIT to feel this one move around! a good friend of mine just had her baby this weekend!! a beautiful little girl to add to her 4 boys!! soooo exciting! i have not heard if there was any defects but i am guess NOT because i am pretty sure she would have mentioned that in her email with all her cute pics!!! SOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS BEKKI AND FAMILY!!! i wonder what she named her after all?!?!?!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

today was my aunts funeral...

we offically had my aunt NENA's funeral today. she was my great x ?? aunt that took care of me from when i was born up until i graduted from high school! she lived with us that whole time......she lived to be 92 years old and i am soooo happy that i was able to go visit her a week ago on monday...i was able to talk to her and although at first she couldn't remember me, she finally remembered who i was (she had not been able to recognize anyone) and i was able to talk to her for a bit which was nice.....she also got to see a picture of the boys...unfortunaly a week later she passed on......she is now in heaven with her daughter who i am named after....where she wanted to be at the end....she kept asking to go home.....

my thoughts and prayers are with the family that was sooooo close to her, my neighbor who was my aunt and her family....they are pretty shook up about it...