Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

this weekend....WONDERFUL!

this past weekend, we were on a FAMILY OUTING!!! well, kinda a working holiday. james had a confrence for recruiting and retention in GRAPEVINE, TX and we got to GO!!! YIPPEEE!!! this was one of the SMALL things i misseed with james being gone. we use to always go with him when he went anywhere. we always had so much fun just being in a hotel and such. anyway, we left on THURSDAY and it took us about 5 hours to get there and my boys are just so travel savy!! they all did GREAT!! we got there and checked into the HYATT PLACE in grapevine and WOW, it was BEAUTIFUL! VERY NICE! the room was very big, with a HUGE 42" TV and just plenty of room where the boys weren't on top of each other! well, friday, the boys and i just chilled out in the room while james atteneded his confrence. it was nice to just hang out there in the room and READ! we did a little bit of school work with alex and that is something i LOVE about homeschooling. we can homeschool ANYWHERE and i love being able to travel with james whenever we can!!! with now worries about being truant!! anyway, on saturday, it was family day and we were on the field by 7am!!! james had a KICK BALL game and they lost their match....we then went to the TUG OF WAR game and they WON!! then we went to the horseshoe game and we was fun being the cheering squad for them! we then went and had a GREAT lunch there (very nicely set up at the HILTON across the parking lot from where we were staying) and then there was a whole bunch of different bouncy kinda of play structures and events spread around ...alex had a BLAST!! they had pumpkin painting that we did and we also had a hay ride!! wejust had sooooo much FUN!!! That evening, we attended an award banquet with our children. we are soooo proud of them!! they behaved so well. we got a TON of compliments on them! there were alot of other kiddos there with their parents and EVERYONE looked sooooooo sharp! the soldiers all had on their class A'S or their BLUES and then us the families were all dressed nicely! we just had a WONDERFUL TIME! the food was pretty awesome and the company was very awesome!! now did i forget to mention the MOST IMPORTANT THING?!?!?!?!


HE WON BEST RETENTION IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooo hoooooooo!!! i am so proud of this man!! out all of the STATE OF TEXAS....which is REALLY big...he was the BEST!!!! :) WOW, I AM JUST SO PROUD OF HIM!!!

ANYWAY, we had a WONDERFUL weekend.....just WONDERFUL!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i forgot to post:

of a couple of things that Matthew has gotten for himself...we are so excited that we got a SPECIAL NEEDS TRICYCLE for him!! awww...he looks SOOOO CUTE in it!! it is a RIFTON is a picture of him in it:

showing dad his new wheels:

doesn't he look so cute?

playdate with his buddy:

Our trip to the ZOO!!!

boy, sure tires a baby out!!

he is OUT!!

boys fishing at the "pond" at the zoo!

Taking a ride on the BRACKENRIDGE EAGLE TRAIN!


we are on the "PENDING WISH" list....

for the MAKE A WISH!!! here is the LINK to the site. wow, we recieved a DVD in the mail for family which gave us a tour of the different places we could go and what was over there at disney!! :) how we can plan our day, can't believe it might someday happen for our family!! i never did post the pictures of when they came to interview our are some of them:

The volunteers brought Matthew a GIFT:

Checking out all the gifts:

Matthew with his "WISH" wand!! every Make-a-Wish child gets one:

we are all so excited and feel soooo blessed!!

Monday, October 06, 2008


my beautiful SON MATTHEW had that BIG BIG BIG sz while we were at the OCTOBERFEST over in FREDRICKSBURG, TX and had to be AIRLIFED back to SAN ANTONIO....i will never forget that is the LINK to that event...ANYWAY, the reason for THIS post is that, THRU THE GLORY OF GOD, my beautiful son HAS NOT HAD A MAJOR SIEZURE in a YEAR!!!! that is just AMAZING and WONDERFUL! it is hard to believe that a WHOLE YEAR has gone by without one!! these are the sz that use to last MORE than an HOUR and he would STOP BREATHING and need to be BAGGED and sent to the HOSPITAL via EMS/AIRLIFE because he would stop breathing...i have taken MANY a ride in the back of an AMBULANCE while they are going LIGHTS AND SIRENS...MANY a ride!! so to not have done one in a YEAR is just AMAZING!! THANK YOU GOD!! wowowowowwowowow...

sooooo for THIS and EVERYTHING in my life i give my LIFE TO GOD...i THANK HIM every DAY for all that he has BLESSED me with.......He is my LIFE and has all my LOVE for it all... THANK YOU GOD!!!