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Friday, September 28, 2012

WHAT'S IN A NAME?? and on my 40th BIRTHDAY!

TODAY in bible study, THE BOOKS OF ACTS CHAPTER 3...was just AMAZING...i KNEW how powerful a name is but how AMAZINGLY POWERFUL the NAME OF JESUS is just....awesome! one thing i found out was the i never knew that when i ended my prayers with 'in JESUS NAME I PRAY, AMEN' was not just an ending to a prayer but when we said that, we were ENVOKING HIM!! wowowowowow.....when we speak HIS name, it is the MOST powerful thing!! I never realized that at MASS on sunday, the FIRST thing that our priest says is 'IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT'...and when he does that, the whole ROOM and MASS CHANGES...the priest ENVOLKES JESUS to be PRESENT in the room!! wowowowow...i never knew that he did that for that reason! just amazing...and a name is a power tool...back in the days, to know the NAME of a DEMON, GOD, ETC means that you had control(?) of them...and DEMONS don't like you to know their in exorcisms demons won't give you their name and when you find IT out, you can then CAST THE DEMON OUT of a person!!! well, JESUS loved us soooooooo much that he GLADLY gave us his NAME that we may use it to PERFORM MIRACLES, PERFORM HEALINGS, TO JOYFULLY CALL HIS NAME AND PRAISE HIM....wowowowowow....and i remember VIVIDLY when matthew was born and we would pray over him and pray for him, i would BOLDLY say JESUS's name and in HIS NAME i would PRAY that my son would be HEALED and that he would grant us the MIRACLE that my son would live!!! IN JESUS NAME....such a STRONG and POWERFUL statement...the apostles would heal people using after today, i BOLDLY say his name and i PERPOSEFULLY say the beginning and ending of my prayers IN HIS NAME...knowing that i am ENVOLKING JESUS right then and there...the BEAUTY of it is just amazing...THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING US SO MUCH THAT YOU WOULD GIVE US THAT GIFT OF YOUR NAME AND THE GIFT OF YOU!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!

sooooo, all of this i learned ON MY BIRTHDAY! what an AMAZING GIFT i was given to have KNOWLEDGE about such a powerful and beautiful NAME...

my family and i had an amazing time on my birthday....we ordered in pizza, watched THE AVENGERS and just relaxed and enjoyed our time together...i LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!