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Sunday, April 16, 2006


wow!! what a BEAUTIFUL day to CELEBRATE EASTER SUNDAY!! when i went to mass today with my beautiful family, i had SOOOOOO MUCH to thank GOD for that it is just not possible to name it all! the mass was BEAUITIFUL and it felt WONDERFUL to be back in the church again and seee soooooo many familiar faces around. it was great that we were still remembered and that we were missed! people knew that we were not around because we had to becareful with matthew and they were in AWE on how much he had GROWN since they last saw him! he is just ONE of the many reasons i am soooo thankful to such a GIVING, LOVING GOD! the sermon today was about JESUS rising from the dead to be with GOD....WOW...when matthew was born, we were told that there was a VERY SLIM chance he would survive...and i think they were being nice in saying even that much! this little boy has proven over and over again what a WONDERFUL GOD WE HAVE! what a TRUE MIRACLE that can be performed by KNOWING AND LOVING GOD. i gave my son TO GOD because thru it all, matthew was in HIS HANDS.....and GOD has such GREAT PLANS for this little one!!!

well, today, we just celebrated as a family such a GLORIOUS day! my MIL also had her birthday today and we did something for her too! the kids had SUCH A BLAST finding eggs and getting their easter baskets! after church, we came home and dad ran inside to hide the eggs...alex got such a KICK out of the "easter bunny" being here at our house and leaving eggs! and then when we came back inside, well, the easter bunny had left them a BASKET TOO!! they were sooooo cute!! as soon as i learn to add pics, i will! anyway, we had EASTER at my MIL house and had another egg hunt there with my 2 neices and 1 nephew. they even played in the pool that the bunny had left for them!!

what fun we had!!


Bekki said...

Sounds like a good time!
When you are posting an entry, there is an icon up top of a mountain. If you click on that it will take you to an upload page. You can either upload the pictures from your computer or from another site. It's really quite easy.
Can't wait to see them!