Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


HOLA!!! i have wanted to post this for a while but just have not had the time to do here it is!! there a alot of things that i have found for myself and my family that are CATHOLIC BASED...sooo...i just wanted to SHARE...

i am CATHOLIC and i homeschool my kiddos and this year, we used a NEW curriculum that is CATHOLIC BASED and it is AMAZING!!! i, personally, am LEARNING alongside my 7 year old, my FAITH!!! what an AMAZING is from CATHOLIC HERITAGE it is just a GREAT learning tool for my kids!! WE are learnign soooo much!!

i also discovered a CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLERS TOOLBAR that i just installed that is VERY NICE and has some GREAT links to use while i homeschool!! LOVE IT! it is called CATHOLIC GADGET and you can find it HERE. I JUST got it and i already LOVE IT!! :) has a NICE list of blogs from families that are catholic and HOMESCHOOL!!

then there is the purchasing place called AUTOM and it is an ONLINE and CATALOG place to buy ALL things Catholic!!! i mean, there prices are AMAZING and they have the BEST stuff!!! LOVE IT!! my MIL bought my beautiful BIBLE stand there and it is AMAZING!! we have also bought other things there...very nice place to get ideas too!

ok...then i have a IPHONE...and i am HAPPY to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE my IPHONE!!! yes, i said it! best phone EVER!! i have SEVERAL applications that i LOVE....i have 3 that i have that are becoming INVALUBLE to me as a theY are AND YOU CAN GET THEM OFF ITUNES!!

IMISSAL...if you are Catholic and have an IPHONE, it is a MUST have! why?! well, it is the MISSAL for mass every sunday! in church, i probably get some looks cause i am following the READING right off my phone as they are read in mass....EXACTLY...i can read them before hand and during the also has prayers, bible verses, and other Catholic related stuff...i LOVE IT!!!!!

if you look CATHOLIC in ITUNES and you should find something that says PRAYERS, 1000+ CATHOLIC PRAYERS ($.99) by SURGEWORKS, INC....i found this YESTERDAY and i am LOVING all the novenas, prayers, daily prayers, prayers to saints, Acts and soooo much more!!! just AMAZING!!! i can't wait to use it when i need a quick pick me up and to help my boys learn their prayers!! LOVE IT!

HOLY BIBLE by YOU VERSION on itunes is just AMAZING!!! it keeps the WHOLE bible at my fingertips! and the GREAT plus to this is that i started one of the programs so that i can read the bible in a YEAR!!! and i got to chose WHICH bible version i wanted, which i chose the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE...and the program i started was the CANONICAL style...and it has a certain read for every day...and if you keep up with it, you should finish your bible in a YEAR!! never done that before so i am EXCITED!! i love that i can just take a moment in my day, whip out my phone and start reading my bible for the day!! LOVE IT!! :)

CATHOLICTV was something i downloaded yesterday and i am not sure about it....but basically, you can WATCH CATHOLIC TV programs like the Mass being said, Rosaries being said, other do need to be connect to a WI-FI to watch the videos but i figure if i am home i can do that too...pretty neat little gadget...havent tried it out yet though!

soooo, that is it! for now...but i am so excited about family and i are coming more together as we learn about our FAITH with Alex being homeschooled using a Catholic curriculum....LOVE IT!

i hope ya'll enjoy and GET YOU SOME!!! BLESSINGS TO ALL!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


well, i have been diagnosed with COLITIS and i am NOT HAPPY!! :( it has been what has caused i think my recovery from my surgery to go soooooooooo slow!! i am either HAPPY or MISERABLE due to my tummy...really no in between! and a week ago, i TRIED taking some antibiotics that my dr prescribed for me and i was SOOOOO NAUSEATED, i couldn't stand it and i stopped taking it....then tuesday, he put me on a NEW medication called VANCOMYOCIN and it is a formulary medication and the last ditch effort before....i have to be admitted into the hospital to be treated there....and i SURE don't need or WANT that!!!! soooo, even though this stuff is NASTY, i am doing well on it and taking it and NO NAUSEA!! :) i have to take it every 6 hours for 10 days....i WILL DO IT!! so far so good....i just want to END all of this and keep moving FORWARD...i am still having signs of reflux but i think it has more to do with all this COLITIS stuff than real tummy is just not the same right now! :( anyway, all could be WORST so i am VERY BLESSED!!! i had a MISERABLE day on monday night/tuesday....i was up on monday night from 1000pm all the way to 4am on the toilet and slept in a CHAIR next to the bathroom...MISERABLE! AND then tuesday, i was just BEAT...i felt HORRIBLE..adn then i had to go to the dr and that was when he gave me the new med....i PRAY this helps...A WONDERFUL friend of mine prayed for me/with me on tuesday and i KNOW that is what helped me....i have been forgetting to PRAY for MYSELF! i pray for others but rarely for myself....and when i do, they are answered...i just need to remember MYSELF!!!

anyway, i will continue to PRAY that this COLITIS resolves itself and i get back on track....eating wise, i am doing AMAZING...can basically eat anything just have to chew it VERY VERY THOUROUGLY...if i don't, man, it HURTS!! AND it is SCARY cause you can FEEL your food STUCK in your throat and not going anywhere...and you can FEEL it SLLLLIIIDDDDIIIINNNGGGGG down your throat...not a confortable feels like a BIG ROCK going down....and there is NOTHING you can do but wait for it to go i have LEARNED to take it!