Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


well, i have been diagnosed with COLITIS and i am NOT HAPPY!! :( it has been what has caused i think my recovery from my surgery to go soooooooooo slow!! i am either HAPPY or MISERABLE due to my tummy...really no in between! and a week ago, i TRIED taking some antibiotics that my dr prescribed for me and i was SOOOOO NAUSEATED, i couldn't stand it and i stopped taking it....then tuesday, he put me on a NEW medication called VANCOMYOCIN and it is a formulary medication and the last ditch effort before....i have to be admitted into the hospital to be treated there....and i SURE don't need or WANT that!!!! soooo, even though this stuff is NASTY, i am doing well on it and taking it and NO NAUSEA!! :) i have to take it every 6 hours for 10 days....i WILL DO IT!! so far so good....i just want to END all of this and keep moving FORWARD...i am still having signs of reflux but i think it has more to do with all this COLITIS stuff than real tummy is just not the same right now! :( anyway, all could be WORST so i am VERY BLESSED!!! i had a MISERABLE day on monday night/tuesday....i was up on monday night from 1000pm all the way to 4am on the toilet and slept in a CHAIR next to the bathroom...MISERABLE! AND then tuesday, i was just BEAT...i felt HORRIBLE..adn then i had to go to the dr and that was when he gave me the new med....i PRAY this helps...A WONDERFUL friend of mine prayed for me/with me on tuesday and i KNOW that is what helped me....i have been forgetting to PRAY for MYSELF! i pray for others but rarely for myself....and when i do, they are answered...i just need to remember MYSELF!!!

anyway, i will continue to PRAY that this COLITIS resolves itself and i get back on track....eating wise, i am doing AMAZING...can basically eat anything just have to chew it VERY VERY THOUROUGLY...if i don't, man, it HURTS!! AND it is SCARY cause you can FEEL your food STUCK in your throat and not going anywhere...and you can FEEL it SLLLLIIIDDDDIIIINNNGGGGG down your throat...not a confortable feels like a BIG ROCK going down....and there is NOTHING you can do but wait for it to go i have LEARNED to take it!