Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, April 30, 2007

well...are we having a boy or girl....???

I HAVE NO IDEA!!! has been CRAZY because we were sooooo ready to find out, boy or girl, we open up the envelope we had that had the picture in it on SAT when james came home and you should have seen our FACE!!! we were STUMPED!! we even tried looking it up on the interent for similar shots but NOPE! soooo, now we wait and see if we can find out on wed when matthew has an appt at the drs at WHMC! it is funny!! but just check out the pic and if you can figure it out, PLEASE let me know!! we say girl because we don't see any "turtle" but not sure! we are just HAPPY that there is a BABY!!! :) SO WHATEVER THE GOOD LORD GIVES US, we are HAPPY!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


and they are back with a BANG!!! my poor baby!!! since the begining of april, he has had 13 seizures!!!!!!!!! man....i just PRAY THAT THEY GO FAR FAR AWAY!!! we are going to try a new seizure med starting TOMORROW so that make FOUR seizure meds at ONE TIME!!! this little guy is going to be sleeping TOOO MUCH!!! :( i just PRAY that we can get the combo right...he has done SOOOO WELL...i don't know if MAYBE it is a growth spurt that is causing him to not be ok with the meds or not....

anyway, today this morning he had THREE SEIZURES!!! and then another one this afternoon....i just pray...

next week we go see his neuro and we also see the ENT and he will probably be having his tonsils and adnoids out sometime REALLY SOON...GOD WILLING it is the root of all evil!! it would be AWESOME if that was causing his sleep apnea, his not swallowing and his drooling....again, we just PRAY!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


yep, it is FIESTA WEEK in our home town! 10 days of tons and tons of CELEBRATIONS and FIESTA'S!!! james will be in and out all next week so we decided to take in a couple of fiesta's this weekend!! today, we went to FIESTA ESPECIAL which is a festival dedicated to children/people with special needs like our little boy!! and BOY did we have a BLAST!!! we LOVED that all the games and rides were geared for KIDS!! i mean, even the little games were FUN games!!! alex and matthew had a blast playing on them and then matthew and alex were able to get on some rides and just have a GOOD OL' TIME!!!! when matthew got on, i just wanted to CRY!! he looked soooo happy and i KNOW i must have been grinning like a silly person!!! it is just sooooo awesome to see my boys HAPPY!! here are some GREAT PICS!!

MATTHEW, ALEX & DADDY on the helicopter!! (they didn't have an army one! :(

matthew on the FIRE ENGINE ride!! he loved these rides!

ALEX having a BLAST at the fun house!! he finally was brave enough to go on his own! couldn't get him OFF of it!

OMG alex LOVED this boucy slide obstacle course!! he must have gone about 10 times!

anyway, we all enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to do it AGAIN tomorrow!!!! i think we will be going to the FT SAM fiesta!! it is really low key and just a good family outing!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

wow, what a WEEKEND!!

well, we decided to go CAMPING again this weekend!!! james was SUPPOSE to have NATIONAL GUARD DUTY but because of the deployment next month, they canceled this months drill. soooo, we had a FREE WEEKEND and we decided we would HEAD ON OUT!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! we were sooooooo excited because this month and next month was going to be VERY HECTIC and james was going to be working VERY VERY HARD but since they canceled drill we said LET'S HEAD OUT!!

well, we looked at the weather and everything looked like it would be a GREAT weekend....we got the RV ready and on friday evening, a bit later than we planned, we were OFF!!! we were expecting the our nieces & nephew to meet us out there on SAT, which was going to be AWESOME for alex and matthew and then james buddies from work were also going to be there too!! so we were EXCITED!!!! well, on the road to the campground, we get a call from a family member...he was REALLY upset at us for going because it was going to be storming and there were tornadoe warnings etc!! we were like, "what?!?!?! we checked the weather and everything said there was only a 20-30% chance of rain!!" and he kept going on and on and so we were a bit worried because we had not heard anything....sooo, we are now traveling on hwy 306 which is the 2 lane road off ih35 that leads to canyon lake and we see lighening....WOW!!! he was not kidding! so as we keep going, (it is 15 miles to canyon lake from the hwy) and it starts to POUR!! and i do mean, in our FACE POUR RAIN! it was torrential rain and we could just see maybe 5-10 feet in front of our car it was sooo bad! the lightening was CRAZY and the wind was just howling and picture this, we are on the road with a HUGE TRAILER ATTATCHED and the wind is BLOWING HARD and i think we are traveling about 15 mph and can't see ANYTHING!! i am PRAYING LIKE CRAZY and james is just trying to keep us on the ROAD!! the line of cars behind us extends pretty far BUT we see cars pulled over, something we WISH we could have done!! but because of the trailer, we could NOT pull over on the side until we found a store and FINALLY after i couldn't tell you HOW many minutes, we saw a store!! so off we go to sit it out! the whole time, i was looking up at the sky for TORNADOES!!! there was suppose to be some out there!! yikes! apparently, this weather had surprised a BUNCH of people!!!! so, after it slowed down a bit, we were again off to the camp ground! and we could FINALLY see some stars and such so we breathed a sign of reliefe! and THANK GOD there were camping spots available!!!!!!!!! you don't know HOW worried we were!! but it was a first come first serve type of place! so, we were able to take the RV off the truck and get it set up and all of us were in there this time itwas a bit after 10pm! and we got the boys settled in bed (alex asleep and matthew awake!) and just layed around UNWINDING!! then james calls again to the relative and they said, here comes ANOTHER ROUND!!! and sure enough, IT HIT AGAIN HARD!!! yikes! it felt like i was under NO shelter in the tent part!!! the wind was blowing, the rain was pouring and we think we even felt HAIL!! and then the lightening and thunder were SOOOOOO LOUD! it was REALLY CREEPY to be out there in the tent part!!! i told james, maybe we should move to the couch bed or something?!?! are we going to get hit by lightening?! he said, naw, we are FINE!! so we stayed and i finally fell asleep to all that racket! and basically had our FIRST TEST in our trailer for leaks and such and WOWOWOW, it held up GREAT!! even the beds didn't leak (they are canvas) and the trailer felt GREAT and not at moving around at all by the wind!! it held STRONG and we were REALLY HAPPY!

the next morning was COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD!!! WHERE WAS THE 70+DEGREE WEATHER?!?! it was about 40-50 degree and WINDY!!! so, definetly not what we were expecting....but THANK GOD, mommy me brought the boys some sweats & a jacket so they were warm (matthew had to stay inside because it was tooooo cold out there) and i had brought a jacket but james, the manly man, did NOT!!! i told him, why didn't you pack at LEAST a sweatshirt?! and he said that he didnt think it would be cold! i told him, we are NOT in summer but in SPRING and you just never KNOW!! so, we ended up looking for a shirt for him to wear at a convient store!! well, james had taken a drive out to the lake area and WOW, were we supprised!! it was FLOODED!!!! we wer JUST THERE a couple of weeks ago and it was not like that! so we took some picks and here is a couple but if you look on flickr on the right, you can see the other pics of the water!

here is the fishing pier underwater!

here is the picnic tables we ALWAYS sat on during the summer!

anyway, the kids came out, ALL 3 OF THEM (YAYAYAYAY) and we got settled in! the kids were in and out and they were running around and everything! we even made a friend out of our neighbors next door!! we had a nature walk later that evening, all of us, and picked up wood in the wooded area and just looked around for deer and such! it was REALLY NICE and no more RAIN! just COLD! we used the heater for the first time and it was nice and toasty! that evening, we FROZE though because the tent part is VERY COLD!! we need to invest in some thermal blankets you put on the outside of the tent to help keep you warm!! we didn't think we would have to USE them sooooo soon! anyway, we all had a nice night....we had a campfire going and we made SMORES with the kids and just had FUN!!!

the next day we just had a great breakfast (pancake & bacon) and just hung around OUTSIDE IN THE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!! it was NICE outside (much warmer) and i just WISHED it had been like that the day before!!! anyway, we packed up and headed out! we actually had a GREAT TIME and we got to experience a couple of new things with our RV....the heater and the rain and the wind factore....and it held up BEAUTIFULLY!!!! THANK YOU GOD!! the kids had a BLAST and they can't wait to come out again!!!

what was funny, VERY FUNNY, was that we were told that SOMEPERSON had said that "we didn't KNOW how to REALLY camp (the real way in a tent).." and of course that set me OFF!!! first of all, all we DID was tent camp (actually my WHOLE LIFE with my family) and as a couple, that was all we did BEFORE we had our kiddos!!! we had all the camping stuff (tent, stove, lanterns, etc) and this person actually BORROWED our stuff because THIS PERSON didnt HAVE ANY OF THEIR OWN to do their so called CAMPING!! ggggrrrrrhhhhh!! and, the MAIN reason we don't do it TODAY is because matthew CAN NOT be WITHOUT electricity!!! he needs it for his EQUIPMENT and he also needs the A/C due to him not able to tolerate the HEAT because in the HEAT he starts to need OXYGEN becuase he breaths too fast!!! anyway, i just thought that was TOOO FUNNY a comment not to blog about!! HA!

AND...if you want to see what ELSE happened while camping with matthew, you will need to go to his post coming up!

and for the DRAMA of the weekend....

well, we knew it would happen AGAIN and SOON...what?! do you say...well, matthew had the BIG SIEZURE on sat WHILE WE WERE CAMPING!!! he has been having small sz now since 4/4 and up until sat 4/14 he has had 5 of them....and then yep he had the big one and here is how it went...

if you read the earlier blog post about our experience this week, you get the whole scope of it...well, on friday night, he fell asleep really quick with no problems in our camper...well around 5 am, he just WOKE UP and was talking and wanting to i laid with him, read to him, played with him and tried to keep him QUIET because he was screaming and being silly!!! :) anyway, he was playing with james phone and around 6:50am he started to fall asleep...well, he was laying looking at me and i was looking at him and he fell asleep around 7am...i was watching him for a couple of minutes and then i fell asleep too...well, at 7:20 am, something just woke me up and i opened my eyes and my beautiful baby was just STARING AT ME!!! OMG, what a FREAKY THING to wake up to!! i immediately started to tell him to close his eyes and i started to shut them but they were FIXED!!!! i jumped up and kept talking to him and trying to get him to come out of it...i turned on his pulse ox (i had turned it off when he was awake cause he kept setting off the alarm) and his pulse and O2 level were fine but he was just NOT RESPONDING!!!! james must have heard me because he woke up and came over to the bed...i told him he was having a we tried everything to get him out....we did mess up but THANK GOD it came out ok!! when i tried to suction him and he did NOTHING (usually he is fighting me and crying) and then i told james to get me his soon as i said that, his sats started to DROP!! by the time james got back with it, his sats were in the low 70's!! OMG, that freaked us out!! so we had it on full blast..i told james to let's give him the DIASTAT med and by the time we were ready to administer it, he CAME OUT OF IT!! james actually had his phone on 911 when he came out of it!!! THANK YOU GOD! after that, his o2 sats were fine and he just WENT TO SLEEP!! he slept from 7:45 am to 1 pm STRAIGHT!! he was just sooooooo exhausted from that sz! it lasted for OVER 15 mins!!! man, i know we should have called ems right after the first 3 mins of so but i was just not ABSOLUTELY sure he was not responding to us....but THANK GOD it all turned out ok!! after he woke up, he was back to normal and he had no more sz. he was a bit wobbly and more drooling than usual but he was ok. he played and just was ok....that was soooo scary!

i called the neurologist on monday to let him know what had happened....he just said to keep an eye on him and we will see him on MAY 1st....he has done well soooooo far but we are watching him like a HAWK!! i have a call put in to his cardiologist because for a couple of weeks now, he has had heartrate i don't know if one is together with the other...he has been dropping his heartrate into the 40-50's again and what is funny is when he use to do that before, that would mean that a sz was going to happen the next day.....he has been doing SCALES in his other words, he will start in the 50's and slowly work his way up to the 90's and then come back down and do it all over lasts usually for about 2-3 hours...then it stablizes...this all happens while asleep since this is the only time that i monitor him but i think it might be happeneing while awake...GOD WILLING it is nothing but i will wait to hear from the cardiologist.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

touduz market.....YUMMMMM!!!

hola everyone!! almost HAPPY EASTER to all!! we are FREEZING here in good ol' san antonio!!! it is really COLD AND WET!! we are hovering about 40, to some, that is NOTHING but to us, well, just YESTERDAY, it was high in the 70's and my whole family were wearing SHORTS AND TSHIRTS!! i had to get the jackets and long sleeve shirts out!! i can't remember the last cold day here but it must have been at LEAST a month ago or more!!

anyway, today, my WONDERFUL hubby brought me to TOUDUZ MARKET!! now, to those people in the san antonio area that don't know it, it is like a SAM's club BUT geared towards the HISPANIC population/taste and fiesta kinda of parties!!! you buy in bulk just a lot of different kind of foods....anyway, i have been BEGGING my hubby to take me since right before spring break but finally, we went today and i bought something i have been craving......CHINESE CANDY (2LBS WORTH), CHAMOY, & A TON OF THE CHAMOY IN THE LIQUID!!!! man, do you feel the teeth enamel just melting away?!?! all this stuff is SALTY AND GOOD!!!!! with some popcorn or a soda or maybe a pickle and lemon.....good stuff!!! not everyone here has ever tried this stuff but where i grew up we LIVED on this stuff!!! i craved this with both my boys and it finally kicked in with baby g!! soooo, i am set for a WHILE now!!! i can't wait to DIG IN!!!

well, matthew has had THREE sz in the last 4 days....hmmm....i have been feeling like he was going to have them for a while now and i guess it might happen...i am going to call the dr on monday and find out what is going to happen...they are called BREAK THRU SIEZURES...he might have to increase on of his 3 meds...GOD WILLING not! anyway, any prayers would be appreciated....

anyway, tomorrow, we are going to church and to my inlaws....don't know how it will go because there is drama in the family....but whatever...we are there to see g-ma, g-pa and hopefully the kids!! we will be having turkey with all the trimmings...YUM! don't know if we will have the hunt tomorrow or is suppose to rain!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

well, more news on the military front...

well, it has defiently been really busy here....dh has been REALLY REALLY ACTIVE in the military right now....he was actually gone for 5 days and there are more days to come....he is REALLY REALLY REALLY stressed out right now because it was confirmed on thurs that his WHOLE UNIT/BATTALION just got orders that they will be ACTIVATED and sent overseas to iraq.....earlier in the year, he was scheduled to go but was able to get out of it due to my pg and matthew....with these new orders, it is STILL UNCERTAIN if he will stay or go....i have been praying SOOOOO HARD that that does not happen...i know that it is his duty but being that i am going to have a C-SECTIOn for sure, i will NOT be able to care for matthew, who is totally non-ambulatory and totally relys on us taking him where he needs to go (up/down stairs, off the floor, etc), for about 8 weeks after i have the baby and of course before the baby is born....he is about 31lbs right now and DEAD WEIGHT....anyway, we have been getting drs letters from matthew and myself for dh commander.....we are just PRAYING that he is able to stay home at lease till i can safetly care for matthew....if he doesn't, i really don't know how i will do it!!!!! anyway, needless to say i am under a LITTLE bit of stress!!! they are telling james that it looks good for him to stay but as usual, we will see.....i just keep praying....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


yep, i changed my song!! i chose, "KENNY CHESNEY NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEMS"...why? because it reminds me of how AWESOME and CAREFREE our camping trip WILL BE, PLEASE GOD!! RVing at the coast, at the lake, at the river...just relaxing and ENJOYING LIFE AND FAMILY!!! anyway, ENJOY!

very nice week we had!!

wow, coming home from a GREAT spring break vacation is CRAZY!!! last week, getting in the groove of things again (drs appts, nurses, therapies, LAUNDRY) was a bit overwhelming!! and then james had to leave for a SRP at camp swift (where a unit is being activated to deploy to iraq) on friday(about 2 hours away) was pretty tough!! he will be gone until wed!!! so 5 days without...sigh....i did have to call him on friday to tell him to COME HOME because i noticed that something was wrong with the AC...well, and him being a MASTER A/C guy, we were having some MASSIVE storms here that day and after i told him what was happen, he told me to go out to the fuse box outside to see if the A/C fuse was trip, it was! so he told me to reset it (and not touch anything else cause you might get electricuted....OMG!) so i did that and the outside unit came on....well, he told me to put my hand above it and feel if there was any hot air coming from it...well, as i put my hand above it IT EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, i SCREAMED and feaked out!!!!! it was CRAZY!! my neighbor was outside and he heard the loud bang and ran over to the fence!! THANK GOD all was well but james was like, "well, i knew it! the compressor is grounded out" all calm like while i am still FREAKING out over here!! stinker! i swear, i am not going NEAR that thing for a LONG TIME!!! so, he came home that evening (11pm) and the next morning, after all the storms passed, he was able to fix it!!! :) gotta LOVE a handy man!!!! it was NOT the compress, THANK GOD (a couple of hundred there if it was) but instead a smaller component!! anyway, we got our A/C back!! and before you think, it really is for matthew...he does not do well in a hot place!! he starts to breath REALLY fast and need oxygen! we always have to watch him on hot days because of, we were ok...he left back that same day by noon!! we sure do miss him...

anyway, last week was kinda crazy getting back into the grove of everything.....i LOVED coming home but can't wait to go back out in our RV!!! it is sooooo much fun! and the great thing is that it is not REALLY expensive!!! so, a weekend away if VERY DO-ABLE!! so, we are looking for a good weekend to head out! don't know when but SOON!!! :)

I actually had another U/S appt on tues of last week. it went GREAT!!! it was a LEVEL 2 to see what they could see and the dr was REALLY happy that all looked GREAT! the baby is getting BIG!!! and defiently more active that before! i also had to do the QUAD screen but i haven't heard back from that yet!! i am scheduled for my FETAL ECHO on 4/25...i think it is the FETAL ECHO...not sure though but it is another sono!! excited to see the baby again!!! :) i will have to post some pics of BABY G soon!! baby is getting BIGGER....

this week alex has been REALLY trying to READ!! it is sooooo exciting to see! he loves to sound out words he sees and see if he can figure out what the word is! i can honestly say he is getting BETTER at it!!! such a smarty! i can't remember if i mentioned it but he can count by 10'S and backwards!! such a smarty!!! we have been having issues with wetting because he is to busy doing something and forgets he has to go or holds it too long but we just keep asking him now especially if he is having FUN!!

we are also getting ready for matthews 3rd birthday, THANK YOU GOD!! we are excited and just planning away!!! :) will give more details later!