Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

and for the DRAMA of the weekend....

well, we knew it would happen AGAIN and SOON...what?! do you say...well, matthew had the BIG SIEZURE on sat WHILE WE WERE CAMPING!!! he has been having small sz now since 4/4 and up until sat 4/14 he has had 5 of them....and then yep he had the big one and here is how it went...

if you read the earlier blog post about our experience this week, you get the whole scope of it...well, on friday night, he fell asleep really quick with no problems in our camper...well around 5 am, he just WOKE UP and was talking and wanting to i laid with him, read to him, played with him and tried to keep him QUIET because he was screaming and being silly!!! :) anyway, he was playing with james phone and around 6:50am he started to fall asleep...well, he was laying looking at me and i was looking at him and he fell asleep around 7am...i was watching him for a couple of minutes and then i fell asleep too...well, at 7:20 am, something just woke me up and i opened my eyes and my beautiful baby was just STARING AT ME!!! OMG, what a FREAKY THING to wake up to!! i immediately started to tell him to close his eyes and i started to shut them but they were FIXED!!!! i jumped up and kept talking to him and trying to get him to come out of it...i turned on his pulse ox (i had turned it off when he was awake cause he kept setting off the alarm) and his pulse and O2 level were fine but he was just NOT RESPONDING!!!! james must have heard me because he woke up and came over to the bed...i told him he was having a we tried everything to get him out....we did mess up but THANK GOD it came out ok!! when i tried to suction him and he did NOTHING (usually he is fighting me and crying) and then i told james to get me his soon as i said that, his sats started to DROP!! by the time james got back with it, his sats were in the low 70's!! OMG, that freaked us out!! so we had it on full blast..i told james to let's give him the DIASTAT med and by the time we were ready to administer it, he CAME OUT OF IT!! james actually had his phone on 911 when he came out of it!!! THANK YOU GOD! after that, his o2 sats were fine and he just WENT TO SLEEP!! he slept from 7:45 am to 1 pm STRAIGHT!! he was just sooooooo exhausted from that sz! it lasted for OVER 15 mins!!! man, i know we should have called ems right after the first 3 mins of so but i was just not ABSOLUTELY sure he was not responding to us....but THANK GOD it all turned out ok!! after he woke up, he was back to normal and he had no more sz. he was a bit wobbly and more drooling than usual but he was ok. he played and just was ok....that was soooo scary!

i called the neurologist on monday to let him know what had happened....he just said to keep an eye on him and we will see him on MAY 1st....he has done well soooooo far but we are watching him like a HAWK!! i have a call put in to his cardiologist because for a couple of weeks now, he has had heartrate i don't know if one is together with the other...he has been dropping his heartrate into the 40-50's again and what is funny is when he use to do that before, that would mean that a sz was going to happen the next day.....he has been doing SCALES in his other words, he will start in the 50's and slowly work his way up to the 90's and then come back down and do it all over lasts usually for about 2-3 hours...then it stablizes...this all happens while asleep since this is the only time that i monitor him but i think it might be happeneing while awake...GOD WILLING it is nothing but i will wait to hear from the cardiologist.