Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

very nice week we had!!

wow, coming home from a GREAT spring break vacation is CRAZY!!! last week, getting in the groove of things again (drs appts, nurses, therapies, LAUNDRY) was a bit overwhelming!! and then james had to leave for a SRP at camp swift (where a unit is being activated to deploy to iraq) on friday(about 2 hours away) was pretty tough!! he will be gone until wed!!! so 5 days without...sigh....i did have to call him on friday to tell him to COME HOME because i noticed that something was wrong with the AC...well, and him being a MASTER A/C guy, we were having some MASSIVE storms here that day and after i told him what was happen, he told me to go out to the fuse box outside to see if the A/C fuse was trip, it was! so he told me to reset it (and not touch anything else cause you might get electricuted....OMG!) so i did that and the outside unit came on....well, he told me to put my hand above it and feel if there was any hot air coming from it...well, as i put my hand above it IT EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, i SCREAMED and feaked out!!!!! it was CRAZY!! my neighbor was outside and he heard the loud bang and ran over to the fence!! THANK GOD all was well but james was like, "well, i knew it! the compressor is grounded out" all calm like while i am still FREAKING out over here!! stinker! i swear, i am not going NEAR that thing for a LONG TIME!!! so, he came home that evening (11pm) and the next morning, after all the storms passed, he was able to fix it!!! :) gotta LOVE a handy man!!!! it was NOT the compress, THANK GOD (a couple of hundred there if it was) but instead a smaller component!! anyway, we got our A/C back!! and before you think, it really is for matthew...he does not do well in a hot place!! he starts to breath REALLY fast and need oxygen! we always have to watch him on hot days because of, we were ok...he left back that same day by noon!! we sure do miss him...

anyway, last week was kinda crazy getting back into the grove of everything.....i LOVED coming home but can't wait to go back out in our RV!!! it is sooooo much fun! and the great thing is that it is not REALLY expensive!!! so, a weekend away if VERY DO-ABLE!! so, we are looking for a good weekend to head out! don't know when but SOON!!! :)

I actually had another U/S appt on tues of last week. it went GREAT!!! it was a LEVEL 2 to see what they could see and the dr was REALLY happy that all looked GREAT! the baby is getting BIG!!! and defiently more active that before! i also had to do the QUAD screen but i haven't heard back from that yet!! i am scheduled for my FETAL ECHO on 4/25...i think it is the FETAL ECHO...not sure though but it is another sono!! excited to see the baby again!!! :) i will have to post some pics of BABY G soon!! baby is getting BIGGER....

this week alex has been REALLY trying to READ!! it is sooooo exciting to see! he loves to sound out words he sees and see if he can figure out what the word is! i can honestly say he is getting BETTER at it!!! such a smarty! i can't remember if i mentioned it but he can count by 10'S and backwards!! such a smarty!!! we have been having issues with wetting because he is to busy doing something and forgets he has to go or holds it too long but we just keep asking him now especially if he is having FUN!!

we are also getting ready for matthews 3rd birthday, THANK YOU GOD!! we are excited and just planning away!!! :) will give more details later!