Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

touduz market.....YUMMMMM!!!

hola everyone!! almost HAPPY EASTER to all!! we are FREEZING here in good ol' san antonio!!! it is really COLD AND WET!! we are hovering about 40, to some, that is NOTHING but to us, well, just YESTERDAY, it was high in the 70's and my whole family were wearing SHORTS AND TSHIRTS!! i had to get the jackets and long sleeve shirts out!! i can't remember the last cold day here but it must have been at LEAST a month ago or more!!

anyway, today, my WONDERFUL hubby brought me to TOUDUZ MARKET!! now, to those people in the san antonio area that don't know it, it is like a SAM's club BUT geared towards the HISPANIC population/taste and fiesta kinda of parties!!! you buy in bulk just a lot of different kind of foods....anyway, i have been BEGGING my hubby to take me since right before spring break but finally, we went today and i bought something i have been craving......CHINESE CANDY (2LBS WORTH), CHAMOY, & A TON OF THE CHAMOY IN THE LIQUID!!!! man, do you feel the teeth enamel just melting away?!?! all this stuff is SALTY AND GOOD!!!!! with some popcorn or a soda or maybe a pickle and lemon.....good stuff!!! not everyone here has ever tried this stuff but where i grew up we LIVED on this stuff!!! i craved this with both my boys and it finally kicked in with baby g!! soooo, i am set for a WHILE now!!! i can't wait to DIG IN!!!

well, matthew has had THREE sz in the last 4 days....hmmm....i have been feeling like he was going to have them for a while now and i guess it might happen...i am going to call the dr on monday and find out what is going to happen...they are called BREAK THRU SIEZURES...he might have to increase on of his 3 meds...GOD WILLING not! anyway, any prayers would be appreciated....

anyway, tomorrow, we are going to church and to my inlaws....don't know how it will go because there is drama in the family....but whatever...we are there to see g-ma, g-pa and hopefully the kids!! we will be having turkey with all the trimmings...YUM! don't know if we will have the hunt tomorrow or is suppose to rain!!!