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Saturday, March 10, 2007

well, what is that old saying....

two steps forward one step back?!?! or something like that....well, it has been a VERY stressfull days here at home with our little matthew!!! he has gotten more SICK....on friday, he was really huffying and puffying in the AM and we took him for a regular pulmonary check with his pulm dr and well, we got there at 0830 and didn't get out of there till 1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has been REALLY CONGESTED and just junky and coughing and needing oxygen....they ended up using a PRECUSSOR VEST on him!! that was way intense!! what it does is it inflates and starts to basically POUND HIS CHEST to help to loosen up the mucus in his lungs.....and during that time they were giving him an ALBUTEROL TREATMENT....his sats STILL didn't go up more than 92% even on over 1 liters of oxygen!!! they also suction the HECK out of him!!!!! and just junk after junk kept being pulled out! poor baby!!! so, we went home on additional oral steroid (3 more days), omnicef antibiotic for 10 days & and we came home with our own vest to pound on him here at home!! it is sooooo traumatic for him!!! but like they said, HOPEFULLY this will keep him OUT of the hospital!! i think they were REALLY THINKING of sending him in but we will do our BEST here at the house and GOD WILLING he will not be sent to the hospital! here is a video of him with the vest on at the drs office....he was SOOOOO TIRED (past his bedtime) and he was starting to fall asleep with it on!!

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soooo, GOD WILLING he will turn around SOON! he is SICK AND TIRED of doing treaments and getting suction and having oxygen!!!!! and i broke down last night because it is SOOOOO HARD to have your little one crying because you are suctioning him and he is just not HAPPY!!! and you make his nose bleed and he is just screaming his little head off but you HAVE TO DO IT!!! you have to get his nose and DOWN his throat making him gag and cough to get that PHLEM UP!!! and soooooo much is coming up!!! and james doesn't like to do it sooooo it is up to me to do it....which is HARD TO DO when you feel bad yourself (i have been sick since monday!! and since i am PG i will NOT take anything for it!) ANYWAY, i cried and just prayed that my baby would have a GOOD NIGHT and THANK YOU GOD HE DID!!! he did have his oxygen but he did SOOOOOOO GOOD and didn't set off ANY alarms all night long which is just a MIRACLE OF GOD because i KNOW how sick this little one is!!! but GOD gave me a nice night of SLEEP to get ready for whatever comes next!!!!! and his heart rate DROPPED last night which puts us on alert for a sz........i just keep PRAYING!!