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Thursday, April 17, 2008

where has the time gone??

yep, it feels like FOREVER since i posted on here!! life has been FLYING BY with just james coming home and just ready for that!!! we have been having FUN going out to SEA WORLD!!! yep, we got season passes and i GIVE BIG KUDOS to them because they offer season passes that ALLOW A PERSON WITH A NURSE TO BRING THEIR NURSE IN FREE!! YES, that is right, on MATTHEW pass, he has his name plus escort!!!!!! what a BIG HELP!!! FIESTA TEXAS DOES NOT HAVE THAT!!! and that is why i chose sea world and i am so happy i did!!! it has been so much fun and it is so close by our home!! we just zip on over during the week for a couple of hours and have a BLAST!! we also meet up with a couple of other mommies and their kids and have a BLAST!!! SOOOO MUCH FUN! we enjoy ourselves soooo much!! today, we headed out there and who would have THOUGHT there was going to be that many people on THURSDAY during the school year??! but there WAS!! i always wonder if these kids are also homeschooled or on vacation or WHAT?! anyway, today, matthew nurse took him onto the PLAY YARD with all the ladder/net tunnels and such and he did such a GREAT JOB!! matthew had a blast!! i also took him on the SHAMU EXPRESS roller coaster and he LOVED IT!! i think we got on it a couple of times and he kept signing MORE! alex, who had NOT wanted to get on it, at the VERY LAST MINUTE decided he wanted to get on with his buddy and then we couldn't get him OFF OF IT!! loved it!! i of course loved just TALKING to my 2 great friends and just enjoying our mommy time!! SO MUCH FUN!! i can't wait to go again!!!

we also celebrated my MIL birthday yesterday!! woooo-hoooo!!! we went to eat at GOLDEN CORAL, one of our fav place and the kids had a BLAST!!! alex always eats so well there because he has such a VARIETY to eat and matthew LOVES to go there too because he loves to CHOW DOWN on what they have to offer!!! i just love the variety (but i always end up getting the SAME THING each time!!! go figure!) we ended up getting a DIGITAL CAMERA for my MIL and i got such a GREAT DEAL on a camera/printer bundle pack plus a SD card...really happy with it!! and she LOVED IT!! she had still been using DISPOSABLE camera's so it was definetly a step up!! i got a REALLY EASY one so she wouldn't be over whelmed....i know she will come to enjoy it!! SLOWLY!!! this is such a SMALL THING because she has just done sooooo much for our family while james has been away!!! i TRULY APPRECIATE HER!!

well, NEXT MONTH, GOD WILLING, james will be HOME, I PRAY!!! i don't know WHEN but just that SOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!! i am getting more ANXIOUS by the minute and so is he!! is starting to sound a bit it is hurting him more now to be away! i know that it is just hurting him so that he is so close to coming home!!! but SOON! i am so happy and excited! OVER 10 MONTHS!!! wowowowow.....

i am starting to plan matthew birthday party.....FOUR YEARS OLD, OUR LITTLE MIRACLE!! GOD WILLING he will NOT give us another BIRTHDAY SCARE like last year....


Holly said...

I too really enjoy our outings to Sea World!

I am so stoked for you that you going to be celebrating Matthews fourth year! WHAT A BLESSING!!!

Bekki said...

I'm so happy that James is going to be home so soon!
I love Sea World. We got six flags passes this year and I am soo disappointed. I think Sea World is much clean.
Anyway, just thought I'd pop on and say hola!