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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

has it really been that long?!?

wow, i can't believe that it has been over 2 weeks since i posted ANYTHING to my BLOG?! WHERE has the time gone? well, so much has happened in these last 2 weeks....the most IMPORTANT thing and the BEST thing that has happened is that JAMES CAME BACK HOME!!!!!! yep, he made it into the united states on MATTHEWS BIRTHDAY!! that phone call was just the BEST!! and then after MUCH going around and around on whether he could come home or not HE WAS ABLE TO COME HOME FROM MEMORIAL DAY THRU THE 5TH OF JUNE!!! that was WONDERFUL to be able to be with him again! here is a picture from that day:

and of course, the first thing they did when they got home was WRESTLE TOGETHER! they talked about that EVERYTIME that they talked on the phone...that is one of their FAVORITE thing to do!! here is a picture of THAT!:

so, we kept a pretty busy schedule the whole was really crazy because i had to keep the normal schedule of therapies and doctors appts because i was never sure if he would be coming in or, needless to say, we were busy from that day ON! and then we were doing finally prep for the upcoming birthday bash for matthew! it was really crazy!! and then of course matthew was still SICK and on OXYGEN during this whole time....and then we got our VEHICLE...yes, we got a NEW CAR!! i am so happy for james...his truck was falling apart (almost 14 years old!) and he decided on a 2008 FORD EXPEDITION ( i know a gas guzzler) but we need a big vehicle because first, we have 3 CAR SEATS and one of them is a special needs one that is pretty wide, we also have the WHEELCHAIR STROLLER which JUST fits in the expedition, then we have to tow a 23 foot RV and our BOAT!! and this one is 4 wheel drive and has a TOWING PACKAGE included with is NICE!! and here is the picture of it with our 2004 expedition right next to it (a his and hers kinda thing!):

and then a quick picture of matthews birthday is a picture of him munching on his BIRTHDAY CAKE..YUMMY!!:

so, james again left on the 5th back to el paso then onto LOUISIANA for BNCOC..he will be gone until AFTER the 19th...difference is that he is on US SOIL, and we get to talk all the time during his class!! poor guy is working his BUNS off! he says it is pretty tough..he is waking up at 4 am to do PT and then the have class until after 7pm and then they have all this HOMEWORK!!! he is pretty beat!!

anyway, we are REALLY EXCITED and PRAY that he gets his 30 days off so we can do some SERIOUS bonding and RVING!!! WWWOOOOOOHHHHOOOOO!!!

well, i must run..i will start to post normally now!! i actually have one more post right after this...pretty interesting stuff!