Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting Ready for our VACATION!!!

hello there!!! we have been having SOOOO MUCH FUN getting ready to finally GO on our vacation!! yeah, i know, we should have ALREADY been GONE but with our special needs kiddo, we have to cancel therapies, nurses, etc to GO but FINALLY after 2 weeks of looking and getting ready, WE WILL BE LEAVING EARLY NEXT WEEK FOR 2 WEEKS!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!! i am so excited!! we decided on 1 week at the TEXAS COAST at a RV park called CLICK HERE->ANCIENT OAKS RV PARK AND then leave there and head on over to the HILL COUNTRY and RV at another park called CLICK HERE->GUADALUPE RIVER RV RESORT....IT WAS CRAZY trying to decide where to GO! i know that texas is BIG so, it just made it THAT MUCH HARDER to choose from all those hundreds of SITES!! but GOD WILLING all will go well!

we have been washing and waxing, checking tire pressures, getting a SWAY BAR and ELECTRONIC BRAKE installed, cleaning the inside of the RV and just buying STUFF to go IN IT!! wow, so much fun and as the day gets closer sooooo EXCITED!!

it has just been so AWESOME spending all this time with MY FAMILY....we have missed soooo much this last year. we have just spent EVERY MOMENT together and just enjoying each other....the boys have been going CRAZY and just alllllll over daddy... joshua knows his daddy and he crawls right over to is just such a JOY to see the BOYS words can describe the feeling in me when i see them wrestling or playing....and it has taken such a LOAD off ME! i told james i was SOOOO HAPPY to have him has helped me so much...just having that OTHER half of me home....i have actually took TWO (2) NAPS in the last 2 DAYS!!! WOWOWOWOWOW...can't tell you when the LAST time i did THAT!! and i RELAXED totally knowing that my boys were in PERFECT HANDS!!

anyway, matthew had his ANGIO CT today and it went well...don't have the results yet but he was put TOTALLY under and was intubated.....when he got to recovery room he was TOTALLY OUT...poor guy! but we were out of there within 1 1/2 hours after he got out....GOD WILLING all will look good! he held his BREATH when they put the mask on him to put him under and he ended up going into the low 50's before he finally relaxed and let the med take him to lala land!! anyway, he did GREAT afterwards....HE IS ALSO DOWN TO 2ML twice a day (down from 5mls 2 times a day) of trileptal....

i hope we have it all...i can't WAIT to GOOOOOO!!

OK, take care and GOD BLESS...


Holly said...

I am so happy that your MAN is home!! It is nice to read your posts now and see that you are no longer waiting for him!! WHAT A BLESSING INDEED! I know you will have so much fun on your vacation! you lucky dog :)

you guys be careful and try not get burnt! take lots of pictures and show them off when you get home! Tell Alex & Matthew we said "hi!" Noah and Cesar can't wait for August when "school" routines will be normal again and we can resume our park days!!!!

Mabunny said...

Wow Maria, have a great time!