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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my smart boy....

wow, i am so proud of my son matthew!! today, i had a heart to heart with his homebound teacher. i had to let him know that i didn't think he was challenging my son enough and that it was more PLAY than anything...well after i reminded him that he DOES know his ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors, he was FLOORED!! i guess he didn't get or understand our original talk when he started and i was just really lax about just reminding him again...he is soooo smart that he was PLAYING him!! he was just making himself to be just not there when he was just messing with the teacher!! i would always let the teacher know not to let him get away with anything...anyway, the teacher was AMAZED!!!!! he told me that he was doing some flash cards we have with him of his abc & 123 and he got MOST if not ALL of them right!! he would go thru a whole bunch of cards and then put down 2 or 3 of them and then ask him to give him a certain card AND HE WOULD!! such a smarty! we had to use the reward system because he LOVES his music so i told the teacher to make him do something and if he didn't want to , let him know he could get his music if he did his work first! worked like a CHARM! and, i reminded him that when he READS to him, to ask him about the pictures in the book...that is something we do! i will read him a book and then ask him "where is the shoe?" or where is the color blue" or whatever and he gets it right! anyway, i am really excited about it! teacher said he was AMAZED because even most average 4 year olds DON'T RECOGNIZED THEIR ABC &123!! my smart boy! he probably knows how to READ and we don't know it!! :)