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Saturday, January 24, 2009

results are IN....

well, we got the results for the SLEEP STUDY done in december and basically everything was ok BUT he did have MILD SLEEP APNEA....i was SHOCKED! he said that it only happened about once an hour...i asked him how he would know and he said that it happened during REM sleep and it would cause him to wake up briefly and fall back to sleep pretty quickly....sounds about RIGHT!! he does do that and that would make sense...since he already had his tonsil and adnoids out, then he said we would just continue to monitor him to see what happenes...

then onto the 24 HOUR HALTER MONITOR....we went to see the cardiologist on monday and she was VERY HAPPY with matthew!!!! YIPPEEE!!! it had been 6 months since we saw her and that was the longest we had been without seeing a cardiologist...she is really amazed that with all the drama he had and with him having had infradiaphragmatic TAPVR, which is the worst possible thing you can have with TAPVR...she is just AMAZED!! soooo am i ! she said that she did not have to do another ECHO because she was very pleased with the last 2 and that his VEINS ARE WIDE OPEN, THANK YOU GOD!!!! just a miracle!!! we are soooo happy! she did say that during the EKG they did that he had some PVC (Premature ventricular contraction) but just one in 12 seconds...she said that while she was listening to his heart that she heart a couple more BUT she said she was not worried...she EXCECTED to hear some ESPECIALLY since he had so much trauma to his heart! but we did a halter monitor anyway and she said that he looked great and that there were some there but not more that a couple an hour....and they were spaced apart so that she was not worried....she wants to see us in A YEAR!!! WWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! a YEAR!!! just amazing!! we are soooo happy!!!!

ANYWAY, we are just hanging out right now....enjoying spring in winter,...just BEAUTIFUL out here in texas!!!! love the WEATHER!!


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