Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

we went to a party this weekend...

and we had a WONDERFUL time!! it was a cousin's child and she is now 4 years old...she is sooo cute!!! i had to go by myself because james was gone the whole weekend for guard is tough taking the kids by myself now that joshua is running around everywhere....before, when he was an infant, i could just pop him in my carrier/wrap/sling and be off with matthew in his wheelchair and alex riding on the back of, well, josh doesn NOT want to be in the stroller (even though i can't do BOTH the wheelchair AND the stroller by myself)...anyway, i am so happy that my WONDERFUL family where so helpful with the kids....they are always there for me and the kids love them sooo tio Z family is just the best...they are an example of an AMAZING LOVING family....they are aways there for each other and are always supporting each is BEAUTIFUL to watch! i am so glad they have also always been there for ME!! i remember when matthew was born, almost their WHOLE FAMILY came to visit us at the hospital especially on the day that they told us that he was going to pass of them was pg and we were acutlaly due on the SAME DAY and she along with her husband came over to the hosptial to be with us on what we thoughtw as his last special...

well, what can i say except that my children andi had a BLAST and it was so nice to see everyone there!!! we also got to chat with tia I which was nice since i had not seen her in a while....we acutally exchanged christmas GIFTS!! of those things!! we had a great time!! i sometimes get sad that my son has to be in his wheelchair while the other kids are playing but what am i to do? i can't WIAT for the day when he can be independent and WALK and PLAY with other kiddos...GOD WILLING SOON!!