Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 anyone ELSE freaked out yet...

with all this FLU?!?!?! my dh and and i were talking about this that years previous, you MIGHT have heard ONE family that got the is EVERYWHERE! SO SCARY! WE are soooo worried about our family catching it...we have heard soooo many of our families that have all cought it and we just sit here and wait?! it's scary...

anyway, we are all doing GREAT, THANK YOU JESUS! it has been a good week, just hangin out and working on our family...alex is doing AMAZING in 2nd grade...matthew is doing AMAZING in kinder with his teacher....joshua is doing AMAZING being a 2 year old!! :)

today, i had a couple of friends and we went to THE MOVIES to see....FAME!! my all time FAVORITE movie (ok, the original was) so i was eager to see this one....i actually had the soundtrack of the ORIGINAL movie on a RECORD and i have the VHS tape of the movie!! :) LOVE IT!


Mom 2 André said...

Thanks for writing a post about this. I'm glad your family is healthy :) I used to be freaked out about the H1N1, probably will be again (temporarily) when we fly out of the country next year for a vacation. I'll be one of those people who think that the H1N1 vaccine has been out too fast for me to trust it. I heard this morning that the seasonal flu vaccine was out from years of data. But the swine flu is fairly recent, and my question, how much data do they have for a vaccine? That definitely made up my mind what I should be doing this year besides the flu shots for my LO. I also heard that, if we've been taking reasonable precautions to stay away from the regular seasonal flu, then keep on doing it for the H1N1 because that's pretty much all what you need to do. As for the flu shots for me, I had one when I was pregnant, I got sick, I had to take antibiotics. Guess what I'm not doing this year either!!
I wish you and your family another healthy season. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Sgt Gonzo will remember me. I was in Iraq with him. He was in my Company. My name is Joey Vaughn. We worked together at compound 30. I can't believe I found him on here. He told me so many awesome things about you guys. You do have a beautiful family. If you wouldn't mind to tell him hello from me and give him my e-mail. I so look forward to hearing from him. Thank you. Ask him if he still has the pistol holster we traded.