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Friday, October 12, 2012

anointing of the sick today....

today was a great day...i had bible study this morning at my church and we were on ACTS 5:1-?? I had all the kids with me because TODAY matthew and i were going to meet with father pat and get an ANOINTING OF THE SICK which is one of the sacrament in CATHOLIC CHURCH! :) i never really new that we could get anointed in times of illnes or before surgery and such until i went to the ACTS RETREAT a couple of years ago....sooo matthew got his done because on MONDAY he will be having dental surgery and have a BRONCOSCOPY done all under GENERAL ANESTHESIA which he has not been under since 2007 when he had a RXN to the anesthesia and went into MOBITZ 2 COMPLETE HEART BLOCK...and it was a VERY scary time for us....soooooo, he was anointed, it was BEAUTIFUL....and then i was anointed too because on tuesday, i go for a PET SCAN to see if there is any more cancer in my was BEAUTIFUL and i am at PEACE after being anointed...

today at the bible study, i am slowly understand and having things in my life be CLEARED UP...what do i mean? AGAIN, GOD has spoken to me about events that had happened in my life....we were talking about ACTS CHAPTER 5 and how the apostles had been beaten for their believe in JESUS and how they REJOICED in being beaten because if they were being BEATEN then that ment that they were doing what they were suppose to be doing in spreading and evangelizing JESUS name!! so they REJOICED in their pain!! they remember that JESUS had said that they were going to be beaten, killed, etc all the thing that had happened to JESUS in HIS NAME....that all will be happening to them like it happened to Him....and what spoked to me was that 8 years ago, what i did was CLEARED up for my PAIN and in the crazyiness of everything that was happening to me and my family with matthew...thru it ALL with matthew heart issues, his surgery, them telling us that he was going to pass away on his 5th day...thru it ALL, i was PRAISING GOD, THANKING GOD and just loving on matthew and just PRAISING GOD for the 39 weeks (pregnancy) and 5 days of matthew's life and all the beautiful memories that we had with him....people didn't and COULDN'T understand why we were not crying, screaming or asking WHY HIM GOD...we never did that...we ACCEPTED what was going on and all we gave matthew up to GOD and told GOD that whatever is HIS will we ACCEPT it and we will still PRAISE HIM. we prayed for a miracle and we PRAYED sooooooo hard for healing but thru it all we thanked and praised GOD...people just didn't understand....and i couldnt explain all i knew was that i had TOTAL FAITH IN GOD that this was HIS WILL and that there was NOTHING WE COULD DO ABOUT IT...IT WAS HIS WILL...

thru this bible studying, i am learning soooo much and GOD is opening my EYES UP to GOD AND EVERYTHING AROUND ME...he is speaking to me sooooo much....I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE....I PRAISE YOUR NAME!!! :)