Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

on a weekend away and......

if you thought i was going to say "and a seizure" well................YOU ARE RIGHT! little monkey is just sooo testing us!!! man, we went away today to PORT ARANSAS....we made sure we never MENTIONED we were going to go away we just drove off! even alex wasn't told we were goint anywhere (althought you know that he knew we were because our car was LOADED!) but we didn't mention the word VACATION to you know who........we were so ready this time.....everytime....i actually sat in the back with him and alex just so i could be close by. well, after we were here already (THANK GOD) we went fishing for a bit and then we stopped somewhere to go tinkle....well, as i was coming out, james was at matthews door and he told me he was SEIZING!!! man, i just jumped in and took over. i took him out of his car seat and gave him his DIASTAT and we put oxygen on him and i was threatening him with the suction...he was still seizing but THANK YOU GOD IN HEAVEN he stopped seizing after about 10 mins!! james was SOOOOO SURE we were going to end up in the hospital again...i wasn't to sure my self...but we didn't, THANK YOU GOD...we did make a VERY TOUGH DESCION.....we are going to stay home for a while and not test matthew again until AFTER his surgery.......this is too much on this little guy and while I don't mind, matthew gets the brunt end of it.....although, as i have PREVIOUSLY said, it doesn't matter where we are, he will HAVE HIS SEIZURES but at least if we are closer to HOME it is more comfy for him because they KNOW him at methodist....but still, GOD WILLING and i am PRAYING SOOOOOOOOOO HARD that this surgery does the trick and helps him out!!! we want our little boy BACK!!! we want him to be HAPPY and be able to develope and go where ever we want to go!!! but anyway, he is doing FINE right now and is ASLEEP!!!!!! i did talk to the dr and he said i need to give him 1/2 mg of valium in the morning and his usual 1mg at i said previously, he is MAXED OUT on his seizure meds!!!!! the dr did NOT want to start him up on any more until AFTER the surgery!!! unless we had to....and we might have to...

i don't know WHAT HAS HAPPEN in the last 4 months!! he had NOT had many seizures or any AL ALL since aug 2005 and then BAMMMMMMMMMM....what HAPPENED?! i am worried because he had done SOOOOO WELL!!!!!!! then all the sudden he started to get them TONS! now if i go with the DEVELOPMENTAL part that he is developing so he is now jump starting those areas and that is why he is getting these seizures....ok but if NOT, then what?!?!?!?!!

anyway, we will keep a VERY CLOSE EYE on him now until the surgery....i just feel that this is going to be a TOUGH MONTH!! BUT, after his seizure, he DID go and play in the ocean!!! he had his LITTLE TOES and hands and was just spashing away and SCREAMING!! he was soooo happy! and we plan to get them into the swiming pool as soon as they wake up!!! :) SHOULD BE FUN!! we are goingto make the MOST of this vacation......please PRAY FOR HIM!!!