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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Went to Neurologist.....& another seizure...

today, we had another seizure....yep, it happen and i had a FEELING it WOULD happen...during his bed time on monday night, his HR went into the 50's so i told james, "get ready!" but nothing happen durning tues nap...well on tues bed time, his HR was ALL OVER THE PLACE again!!! (50's - 120') and then today during nap, it happened....i knew it might happen......he drifted off right away and i watched him for about 5 mins of sooo....nothing happene....came downstairs and was intently watching the monitor....i turned away cause i was working on alex computer when i heard something OFF and i quickly glanced over and i saw his lips moving and i jumped up and RAN up the stairs....he was having a full seizure (facial and legs), so i tried to wake him up and told him "matthew, i am going to put some oxygen on you" (he HATES when you put the cannula on him) and he started to whimper, when i actually put it on, he woke up and started to CRY (he was still seizing) and i just told him, "i am going to have to suction you since you are having your seizure" again, he HATES the suction machine and he was just crying.....i was timing it....and then i just kept up my talk to him of what i was going to do since he was seizing and after i shut off the suction machine, he had STOPPED SEIZING!!! :) i guess i need to threaten him more often on the things he HATES!!! he was FINE!!! when i woke him up about an 1.5 hour later for therapy, he was REALLY wobbly and jerky but he was fine...poor baby!!! BUT THANK GOD HE STOPPED!!

today, matthew had an appt with his neurologist...SO i told him what happened during his nap and he just told me that he was going to hold off add any more seizure meds until AFTER his VNS surgery. he said that if it gets REALLY BAD and he starts getting MORE seizures then we will have to put him on TOPOMAX...GOD WILLING he will not have any more seizures!! but he said that we are waiting to see how the VNS goes!!! i am getting excited?!?!?!? i don't know if i could call it that but i have HOPE....