Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

got some things done!

yep, today i had FOUR things on my list of to-do......i got appts for the boys for their, i think i will have to take a valium or something before/sfter that appointment!! alex is DEATHLY afraid of the WORD dentist!!!!!! soooo, i told james he had better be there because there is NO WAY i can do it on my own!!! matthew, well, we shall see how he does at the appt!!

the next thing was to get an appt with the BRACE SHOP at BAMC for matthews new AFOs for his feet! he has OUT GROWN his first ones!!!! awwww.....

next, i have to find a NURSING HOME for matthew to got to so that we can do the MDCP program...there are like a MILLION nursing homes around here!!! but i WILL find on!!

and last is an appt for ME for the regular physical exam!! all in a days work!

did i mention that alex has a PHOTOGENIC MEMORY!?!?! he does! he can hear a song on a movie and then here it again on the radio or somewhere else and HE will tell ME that, hey mom that was on ..... movie! and i usually have to think about it to remember it but he is ALWAYS RIGHT!! take for instance the movie CARS...we watched it ONE TIME in MISSOURI(JUNE2006) and then about a month ago or so, we heard on the radio "life is a highway" by rascal flats and he yells, HEY MOM, THAT IS FROM THE MOVIE CARS!!!! and he will remember silly songs from shrek or where ever!! it is just amazing!!!

anyway, all is well in the homefront! TOMORROW james has a BIG BIG DAY that he has been COUNTING THE DAYS for it to happen...what do you think it could be? well, if you guessed GRANDOPENING OF THE NEW BASSPRO SHOPS in san antonio, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!! this man has been SALIVATING waiting for it too open....he even went out TODAY during lunch, to buy some LURES from 2 of the fishing celeberties that will be there so they can autograph them!!! such a NUT! i will have to carry a spare bib on me to mop up all the DROLL he will be letting loose as we wander the place!! and guess where we will be for the next FOUR DAYS?! yep, THERE!! WHY? because there are going to be tons of outdoor celeberties out there!!! YAY!!