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Monday, October 02, 2006

MATTHEW ISAIAH UPDATE.....prayers working!

hello everyone, just a quick update! all thoughts and prayers are WORKING for this little man! he is doing much better today! THANK YOU GOD! he is OFF THE VENT!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! we are sooo proud of him! you know, with this kiddo, NOTHING IS EVER EASY or just SIMPLE!! he is such a fighter and he is such a MIRACLE!! :) the drs were suprised when his oxygen sats and his blood gases came back better after being on his vent....and when they extubated him, his gases were great too!! little stinker! you know matthew, he just LOVES to scare his mommy and daddy!! and this time...he sure did GET ME!! i was really really worried about him...he looked SOOO AWEFUL and since he was already sick, it was just that much WORST!!!!!! anyway, he started to get REALLY UPSET about it when he started to wake up....coughing, gagging, etc! he was even NOT JUNKY sounding anymore while on his vent! they had REALLY pulled a BUNCH of junk out of him!! (THINK EGG WHITES!) they were really hesitant on taking him off of it because he was SOOO BAD earlier but i assured them (knowing matthew) that he would be just fine!! he was giving me lip and crying but he was such a good boy and was NOT pulling on the vent!!! :) anyway, they decided to try and do it and he MADE IT!! they said that as soon as they pulled it out, he gave the dr (one of his favs) his POUTY LIP!!! he was a bit peeved it had taken them sooo long i guess!! anyway, now that he is OFF the vent, he is again VERY junky sounding but a bit better, if you can believe that! his pedi and pulmonologist were upset that he was back....i REALLY don't have a CLUE as to WHAT is going to happen!! honestly! i talked to the dr and he said he was in PIMC status (step down) but apparently we are staying there at picu?! and i know we are not leaving TODAY because he told me that his neurologist would see me TOMORROW!!! but trust me, it was NOT FOR LACK OF TRYING!! but i whole heartedly agree, better to finish it HERE and not have to come BACK AGAIN!!! they did start him on a new SEIZURE MED (which i had DREADED THEM DOING) and to make matters worst it is KLONOPIN...if you remember, that was the one that caused him to DESAT WHEN ASLEEP and me having to put him on oxygen during the night....that is what started the whole SLEEPING WITH PULSE OX thing way back in july!!!!!! soooo, i am kinda concerned about that! we start tonight so we shall see what kinda effect it has on him!

anyway, sorry so short but i wanted to let ya'll know what was going on! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for all the thoughts and prayers for this little guy....he is still a sick little boy but you know matthew, he makes the BEST OF IT!!! such a cutie! we had some GREAT VISITORS come by to be with us and we as a family are SOOOO BLESSED TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!! and we feel BLESSED to know all of you out there reading this....THANK YOU! and tons of love to ya!

ok, gotta run! i will post updates on my BLOG AT:

i also took some pics and will hopefully post them SOON!!!

please continue the WONDERFUL prayers for this little guy, and we THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

take care and GOD BLESS...

james, maria, alex and matthew