Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


hello everyone,

i hope everyone is doing GREAT!! well, monday was matthews 3RD BIRTHDAY and we sure had a WHOLE bunch of surprises to deal with.....i have to make this short but i wanted to ask for MANY URGENT PRAYERS....

matthew had his tonsils out on monday 14th...he did fine but started to have complications on friday and the weekend....he started to have pink tinge saliva and just not feeling great AT we took him in to the ER on sunday to get checked out....they looked down his throat and cleared him from his surgery saying it looked fine but he was really congested so we were given oral steroids and increased neb treatment....

well, on monday morning (HIS BIRTHDAY), he coughed up a BIG wad of blood and we had to take him in to see his ENT on a walk in basis....well, they at first said that it all looked good and they thought that maybe it would just a take a bit longer...they could tell i was not comfy with that at all so they asked me if they could scope him and i said YES....well, when they did, they saw that there WAS alot of bleeding way in the back so they tried to do SILVER NITRATE and burn it that way but could not do it so within 45 mins of us walking in, he was being wheeled into the OR on an emergency basis!!!! YEP, on his birthday again!! so, surgery went great and i was SOOOO HAPPY cause you could already see that he FELT better (not much secretions etc) well, about 4-5 hours later, the nurse runs in and says, WHAT WAS THAT? is he ok? i told her YES, HE IS ASLEEP, well, she was really concerned because he had an irregular heart rate and was doing some WIERD things...called in all the drs and they called in a ELECTRO SPECIALIST to see his strip and what he was doing.....HE WAS IN AV HEART BLOCK!!!!! so, we were transfered EMERGENT to SANTA ROSA HOSPITAL PICU and they are talking PACEMAKER TOMORROW!!!!!!! i am still in SHOCK that all this is happening....he had an ECHO done a couple of minutes ago, and once they look at it, they will decided if they need to do a ANGIO CT on him...they are trying to find out if his VIENS are big enough to support the pacing wires and not occlude them....if it LOOKS good, then we will be going for a HEART CATH tomorrow and they will be placing they PACEMAKER that way.....worst case senerio, if the viens look too narrow and small, THEY WILL HAVE TO DO OPEN HEART SURGERY AGAIN!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pray that this is not the case and if they HAVE to do the pacemaker (which according to the specialist WILL happen) that it can be done intravenously!!!

james is just beside himself because he will be leaving at the end of THIS MONTH for iraq...yep, if you haven't read my blog, he WILL BE DEPLOYED FOR A YEAR and he leaves us MAY 29TH......of course we were preparing to deal with all the "normal" stuff and now with this......PLEASE LORD GIVE US STRENGTH!!!

anyway, i must run.....i hope to update ya'll as soon as i has been REALLY hectic around here and alex is staying with grandma during the day and james HAS to work due to all the stuff they are doing for deployement.....

if you can say some prayers for MATTHEW i would GREATLY appreciate it!!! poor little guy had a HORRIBLE birthday!!! but I JUST PRAY THAT HE DOES WELL from here on out!!!

sorry to run but WITH MUCH LOVE,

james, maria, alex, matthew & baby g (IT'S A BOY!!!)