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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

well, it is official!!

we are officially having ANOTHER BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowowowowow, we are SOOOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! wow, to imagine THREE BOYS in my house, GOD WILLING! what a beautiful thought! of course i had a dream that this one would be a GIRL but hey, i guess it was WRONG!! BUT i am soooo happy! i actually at one time thought i would PERFER a little boy because i know what to DO with little boys! but as long as the baby is HEALTHY is all that matters to me!

well, onto other is another offical thing. james WILL BE DEPLOYED this time around, at this time....he leaves on JUNE 8TH for 3 months of training in FT DICK NEW JERSEY and then he gets 2 weeks off (unfortuanatly he will NOT be able to come home and we actually have to go over there....i don't think we could do that because i will have JUST had the baby....) and then they will be deployed from there overseas......and yes, he will NOT be home for the arrival of this little guy. he is VERY sad about this....we have not told our boys the news yet but we will this weekend or at least start trying to. there is so much to do BEFORE he leaves. we have this month of may and then he is off. there is still a SLIM CHANCE that they will keep him back for the rear detatchment, so all we do is PRAY PRAY PRAY that it is GOD'S WILL that he stay home with us. we can do no more. he put his paperwork for his DEFFERMENT for the deployment due to medical reasons but if he had continued with that path, they got the news that they would then ask for a date for, we stopped that process. we DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THE, he will do his duty, whether it is here with us or overseas....i am SOOOOOOO PROUD OF HIM....he is MY HERO and has been from the FIRST day i met him. i feel soooo sad for my boys...they will DEFIENTLY miss him and ALEX will be devestated with not having daddy home. if he is gone for say 5 days, EVERYDAY, at least 10+ times a day he will ask if daddy is coming home today. we even have the calendar with the date circle on when he comes home and he will still ask. he LOVES HIS DADDY SOOO... anyway, we are just preparing and getting all the baby stuff ready before he leaves on june 8th. we will put up the bassinet and buy the clothes and get the stuff we need for baby g....

and then there is matthew. we went to the ENT dr today and matthew will be having surgery on 5/14/07 for a tonsilectomy!!! that is just a bit over a week away!! hard to believe. my poor baby....and it will NOT be at methodist so that makes me nervous about the whole thing!!! but i will trust in GOD and just pray that my baby does well. he will have to spend AT LEAST a day in PICU....i wanted to do it before james left....

anyway, it has been a bit crazy but we decided to have a little party for matthew actually on the 12th of may for his 3RD BIRTHDAY!! nothing big, just here at my home....we were not even sure we would HAVE a party...i am excited and sad because alex will not have daddy at HIS party.....anyway, we are just taking it one day at atime......

any prayers would be appreciated....


Bekki said...

Funny, I had a dream last night that you were having a GIRL! Guess my dream was wrong too! Congrats on the boy!
I'm so sorry about James though. That sucks so bad. What will you do about Matthew, mainly how will you get him upstairs??
I'm praying so hard for you guys.
BTW..Matt told me he saw you the other day. He said you looked really good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gonzo Family, Thanks so much for keeping us updated.So James is going to Iraq.Well, we will be praying for him and you and the kids.just leave it all in the good lords hands and keep praying.Just keep your faith and look up to the GOOD LORD ! We will be pray for Matthew for his sugery.All will go good .the good lord with be with him and have his hands all the doctors and lead them with Matthews surgery.Congarts on the the new baby boy ! WOW..... 3 boys.Well, we wish u all the best and many blessing to you all.We love you and will be praying for you,James and the boys.Take Care and you call us if you need anything no matter how far we are from each other we can always help you guys out.

God Bless, The Granado Family