Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TOMORROW...THURSDAY....AUG 23RD... beautiful wonderful hubby is COMING HOME, GOD WILLING!!! i am just SOOOOOOO HAPPY and EXCITED! this morning, alex crawled into my bed when he woke up and told me, "i am so sad....i miss my daddy..." and i just hugged him and told him "but guess what, he is coming home TOMORROW!!" and you should have SEEN him light up and JUMP UP and get soooooo happy and excited!! it was the best!! so all day to day, we have continued to get ready for daddy! did some cleaning, the last load of laudry for a while and made a cake for james etc....and then we got some GREAT NEWS....james was ORIGNALLY going to be coming at 11pm, then he changed it to coming in at 5pm....and then just YESTERDAY, changed it to coming in at 2pm....and just earlier today, he got the word that he could make the FIRST flight out which would come in at 10am!!!!! :) (military keeps changing things!!) sooooo, GOD WILLING, and i am PRAYING, that he can make that first early flight and be able to come home by 10am!!!! that way of course we get more time with him, and he can be there for the PRE-OP appt at 1:30!! anyway, we are REALLY REALLY REALLY excited about tomorrow....

well, then onto my beautiful son matthew.....poor baby picked up something on sat and since SUNDAY, he has been running a temp everyday!!! yep, just a temp and not feeling good....nothing else really until TODAY, when he started to get i went ahead and called the dr (4 days of straight fever) and he told me to come in...after a LENGTHY visit and getting tested for strep (neg) he was really concerned because matthew JUST finished his 21 day dose of OMNICEPH (antibiotic) on monday and for him to pick up, tomorrow we have to be at the hospital by 7am where he will be getting xrays, blood work and a shot of ROCEPHIN...i just PRAY that he clears up!! i don't want him feeling sick with daddy home!! i just want him WELL! I am glad it happened BEFORE i had baby joshua because i can do this for him before i can't lift him and such!!

also, GREAT NEWS on the NURSING FRONT....we are STAFFED!!! THANK YOU GOD! i had prayed sooo hard that we would have coverage because i was/am worried about matthew because i would not be able to carry him....soooo, just this week, we got our NEW NURSE!! so now, THANK YOU GOD, the new nurse, G, will be here on SUN, MON, TUE (7:30a-7:30p), nurse M works WED (5P-9P) and then nurse W will work THUR, FRI, SUN (7:30a -4:30p)!!! wowowowowow,,,,i am sooooo THANK FUL and feel sooo BLESSED because we were able to get coverage for MATTHEW!!! THANK YOU GOD! it has taken a LOAD off my mind!! i am sooo happy and so relieved!! anyway, we are really happy!