Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

we had a VERY nice playdate yesterday...

yesterday, we had a little playdate for alex (basically his birthday party) and it went REALLY GREAT!!! we had about 11 kids come and they were running all over the backyard and just having a GREAT TIME! it was nice to see him running and playing with everyone. it was from 10am to about 2 pm....they just played outside and ran everywhere and just had FUN which is what i wanted for him....i was BLESSED that the kids where there for him.....i THANKED everyone because it meant SOOOOOOOO MUCH to me for them to be there FOR HIM....he finally has acknowledged that he is turning 5 on friday....he will now tell you he is and i think it has to do with daddy coming home on the 23rd....he is soooooo excitedc! we are planning to take him to the BIG CHEESE on friday for lunch with just a couple of cousins...i will be holding back a couple of gifts for him to open until daddy gets home too....we are SOOOOOOO EXCITED!! alex is all into transformers and we got him a couple of them plus some PJ of them and just someother cute things.....he got a box yesteday from daddy so that was exciting but he can't open it until TOMORROW!!

anyway, all is going GREAT!! matthew IS FINALLY GETTING BETTER, PRAISE THE LORD!!! i am sooooo happy! i REALLY REALLY REALLY think it is the pulmonary vest he now has! wow....we are down from FIVE neb treatments durning the day to only TWO!!! and that will be his maintenance dose now! YIPPPEPEEE!! and tomorrow is his last day of oral steroids but he still has about 10 more days of the antibiotic....i just PRAY he continues on the healthy track!!!

as for me, i am now 36 weeks along and have only TWO MORE WEEKS before we meet my newest little man in my life! i am sooooo excited and just in AWE that it will be SOON! and that daddy will be here is such a bonus! i didn't expect it but i am soooo happy! i feel great just waddling around it seems....the baby has moved downward so i am having a bit more trouble doing my normal things but still trudging along....

james is doing GREAT and just is anxious to be coming home soon! he also bought himself a new laptop on monday and i was SOOOOOO EXCITED for him! i tried to get him to get one before he left but he was stubborn about it but NOW he finally realized that he NEEDED ONE!! we got a good deal on one at best buy...he just needed something really basic and CHEAP since he was going to be in the sandy area so he got one for under $400!! but it has EVERYTHING he needed!! :)

anyway, all is well in our family and we just pray that everyone will continue to be HEALTHY and strong!!