Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, September 01, 2008


WELL, i hope that those able to enjoy this beautiful day in our part of the world are out there doing that!! and those that are dealing with the HURRICANE, i PRAY that they are all safe and that those displaced from their homes are some how getting much love and comfort from the american people around that supporting them!!!

well, we are home today, daddy is again working HARD during this time....everyday since wed, he has been gone before 6am and home AFTER 9pm...he is EXHAUSTED right now doing all this work...i am so proud of him! i am happy that he is HOME...others are all over the gulf coast and towards/in louisiana....i can only PRAY for all of them!!!

josh is starting to walk...he will walk with us holding his hands and sometimes only ONE hand...he is getting better at it! and yesterday, matthew ate some food that he had never had....RAMAN NOODLES AND PB & J!! yummy! he really enjoyed it! he has shaken his head 'NO NO" whenever i am getting ready to set him up on his feeds...i am taking this as a VERY positive note...i tell him that when he can eat by mouth MORE, i will take that pump away! he just gives me a look...GOD WILLING he will be getting better and eating more....we are SAD that his nurse of over a year and a half is getting ready to leave us at the end of the month....he is A RN NOW!!! :) again, we are so proud of him! he has been such a WONDERFUL NURSE to matthew....and matthew can't get enough of him! i think they have BOTH grown together!! :) and we actually had to let another nurse that had been with us for a year go earlier last month...i was so sad about that!! but we wanted to go to a 4 DAY nursing because daddy was off on fri-sun and we didn't want to schedule anyone there and then have to cancel their hours because we decided to go out of town or, we will be on the look out for a NEW NURSE....i am kinda of worried about it because it is ALWAYS stressful when you look and get a new nurse...i will just PRAY that we find one that is WONDERFUL for matthew just like our last one!! :)

well, tomorrow, THE MAKE-A-WISH PEOPLE ARE COMING!!! man, i am so happy and excited! we are going to have our interview with them and get details and such!! WOOOHOOO!!!!! i don't know what is going to happen but that he is getting his wish is so EXCITING!!! :) i will post to let ya'll know how it went!


MaBunny said...

WoW Maria, there was alot to catch up on! I'm so excited that James is home safe and that your oldest one turned 6! Happy for you also that the homeschooling thing is going great! I have a friend who homeschools her 5 kids... * well she will when the baby gets old enough)...
That is fantastic that Matthew is eating by mouth more and that he gets his Wish! let us know what it is!
will check back in periodically!