Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

wow, it really hit home....

today we had a WONDERFUL day and a very TIRING day....james was OFF today, THANK YOU GOD! he has worked SOOOO HARD for the last week....leaving before the kids were awake and most days, coming home AFTER the boys were in bed!! that was how hard he had worked!!! he worked thru the holiday weekend and everything!! ANYWAY, he took today off and he did some yard work and then we headed to the ZOO!! we had so much fun and we were there for about 3 hours and then we got on the TRAIN and took a train ride around BRACKENRIDGE PARK! it is so beautiful and brings back so many memories of going out there with the family and just having pic-nics and BBQ out there!!! anyway, we had a BLAST and we went to the BX and the boys got their hair cuts!!! anyway, all in all a BEAUTIFUL DAY and so much fun with my boys!!

well, what i meant about it REALLY hits home was that today, i was on one of my special needs sight and there is pretty COOL walker calle dthe TAOS WALKER...IT looks like an AWESOME walker MEANt for kids with Cerebral palsy (CP)........well, matthew has MILD CP and that diagnosis was give to him to help him with his medical equipment, or so i thought...well, as if you go to that site above for the TAOS walker, there is a video on it of kids walking with out it and then in it and when i saw those beautiful children walking....i saw my CHILD...he walks JUST LIKE hit home that YES MY SON DOES HAVE is not just a is THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i sat there and watched the video, i just started to cry because he DOES HAVE CP...even though i KNEW he did, to see OTHER children that DO have it, walking JUST like matthew made me just REALIZE IT...does that make sense? ANYWAY, it was just a BIG SHOCK...just seeing those children walking like my beautiful son......

anyway, we are working on getting him a new walker or gait trainer or SOMETHING...i am going to have to mention this product to the PT person on tuesday..he is going to try the KIDWALK on tuesday and also the MYGO feeding chair system to see if it will work for him.....wish us LUCK!