Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


WE ARE SOOOOO PROUD of our son!!! today, he finished another of his sacraments (baptism, reconciliation & now 1st communion) and we are so blessed!! it was such an exciting day. we got him his little shirt with a tie, some slacks and his new black shoes. we bought him rosary, his prayer book and all his little stuff. we had so many people that were praying for him and he was sooooooo excited. we had practice earlier in the week for him and he was going to be bringing up the BASKET OF FLOWERS during the offeratory and he looks soooo cute! he had to walk in with his HANDS IN PRAYER and he did! he had been practicing...all the kids that were around him were so excited by him and continued to talk to him and try to teach him new words. it was really cute because they were allll trying to teach him words and how to clap etc. awwwwwww.....on top of our PRINCE OF PEACE community being there, my aunt and uncle ZEKE & CYNDI, his nurse and her fiancé, our good friends the ARNDTS, grandma, uncle bubba and family and his 2nd grade teacher!!! it was so nice of everyone! :) and we were soooooo worried about him actually taking the BODY AND BLOOD of CHRIST!~!! he is G-TUBE FED and yes he DOES eat but not on demand! he has to WANT to eat and this was something different! :) so the FATHER and i figured out that he would place a small piece of the HOST on a spoon with some water and then spoon feed him...well, matthew wanted NONE OF IT!! so we kept trying and FINALLY he opened his mouth and we put it in there...he was ok after that...for the wine, i had a SMALL syringe and i probably gave him something like .2 cc of the stuff and squirted it in his mouth!!! he was fine and everyone in the church was watching and you could see that everyone was just smiling!!! we had people come up to us after mass and congratulated him and also tell us that they were soooo moved by it all!!!! you see, to have him make this sacrament was just so amazing thinking back to when he was born and they were giving me NO HOPE what so ever and here we are, making this amazing event!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR OUR LITTLE MIRACLE!!!!!