Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

today was such a BLESSING!!

GOD IS GOOD!!!! today, a beautiful sister of mine invited me to a prayer group that met today....she had emailed me earlier this week and i was unsure if i could make it but like always, THE LORD showed me and told me to go. and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! it was soooo uplifting.....i am EVER so thankful to those ladies and i feel so spiritually RESTORED! i was anointed and prayed over and it felt AMAZING...i felt so hot when they were praying over me and then when she started to talk, bless, open herself TO me....i started to cry...i have so much FAITH that everything will be ok with my arm because i KNOW GOD is here and that he is with me....but what came out was that i DID have fears...they were hidden and they were not of GOD...there was worry about WHAT was going to happen and there was worry that if IT WAS going to be cancer, who would take care of the boys?!?!?! and when she hit upon those, i started to cry...and i am not a crier and it was just soooooo powerful....i left it at JESUS feet...i feel so happy and i feel sooooooooooo energized!! i keep smelling the beautiful ROSE anointment oils they is soooo relaxing and makes me think of MOTHER MARY!

well, i am off to was the 1st day of the 9 days of the NOVENA FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT!! yesterday was THE LORDS ASSUMPTION INTO HEAVEN!! today STARTED the 9 days of prayer that everyone did after JESUS ASSENDED and 9 days from now, NEXT SUNDAY is PENTACOST SUNDAY...they day that the HOLY SPIRIT CAME TO THEM AND IT LOOKED LIKE TONGUES OF FLAMES and they started to speak in TONGUES!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY IT IS AND WILL BE!!!!

wednsday will be the day they do my BIOPSY ON MY ARM....praying for good news!