Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


my matthew....well, matt is sick again...3+ weeks ago, he got REALLY sick on us with some virus that actually got ALL OF US here at was soooo bad that he was actually on OXYGEN at night for over a WEEK!! and he was on HIGH FLOW 4 liters of oxygen!! that is a first for him especially since his OXYGEN SATS were only running about 90%...that was soooo scary for me trying to get his oxygen levels UP to acceptale levels...worried i was going to head over to the hospital...and that hasn't happen in a LONG LONG TIME, THANK YOU GOD!! he ended up taking a antibiotic for ADULTS at ADULT DOSES for 10 days, something he had never taken before, 2 rounds of oral steroids and TONS AND TONS of treatments!!! :( well, last week on 2/11/13 we went back to see dr G for a follow up from this illness and we were CLEAR because he was doing so well...yayayya....but then THURSDAY 2/14/13, josh started coughing....i tried to keep him and matt clear of him but of course, it didn't happen and matt started getting sick on sunday night!! :( and here we are, 2 drs appts later (tues/thurs) and he is back on antibiotics, oral steroids, treatments every 3-4 hours and dx of BRONCHITIS AND METAPNUEMO VIRUS....sigh...

it's been a crazy couple of months now and i just wonder how his little body is taking it all....i know that his lungs are very congested and hearing his X-ray were very difficult to diagnose because of his severe chronic lung disease was really scary to hear....his lungs on an xray are suppose to be BLACK (a normal lung) but his are almost all WHITE with all the scar tissue and his chronic lung disease...that is what scares me the most..he has been getting sick soooo much this last couple of months and they were ALL RESPIRATORY...i know that all these oral steroids, antibiotics and treatments can't be good for him and i just wonder...i KNOW GOD is taking care of him and i DO leave my feelings and troubles at HIS feet....i am just a mommy that sees her little boy struggling and breathing fast and HATING his vest treatments and beautiful son is so strong and such a loving little boy....he goes thru so much but is always happy at the end of the day....what a BLESSING IN MY LIFE he is and i just PRAY that he gets HEALTHY and STRONG so that he can have a break from these illness and be able to be healthy without all this stuff going little boy....

Monday, February 04, 2013


I am so happy to announce that my only sibling, has had his 1st baby!!! well, he didnt but his wife did!! :) wow, she is BEAUTIFUL and i am soooo far away from her! :( she was born today over in HAWAII where he is stationed at. wow, i am so happy for them! it's funny, i was thinking about the fact that he has only ever seen my 3 boys as babies only my oldest boy! all the others were born while he was over seas! and here we are again, with it only being just he and i left in our little family, both our parents have passed away, he is in HAWAII and i am in TEXAS! BUT GOD WILLING we will be going to be going out there in MAY so that i can meet this little lady! we are alllll sooooo excited about it! what a BLESSING it will be to meet her and my SIL!! wooohooo!!

sooo, just wanted to share my beautiful niece!!!