Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

kisses & hugs....

yep, matthew has learned how to give KISSES and HUGS!! we are sooooo excited and happy! he looks soooo cute when he is giving kisses! and his hugs are AWESOME!! big strong ones and he shakes with ALL his might to give them to me! i LOVE THEM!!!!!!! he is finally over that virus!~ YIPEEEEEEEEE!!! we just hope they stay away for a bit! he is going into the hospital on wed for a challange and i just PRAY he doesn't pick up anything while we are THERE!!! scary thought! he is alo trying new things! this weekend, he had POPCORN (of course just the puffy part), crackers (all on his own) & chocoloate! he is becoming ADVENTUROUS! i LOVE that too!

alex is getting so big! i am just so proud of that little boy! he is sooooo smart! he just grows and learns more things RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!! amazing!~ I ALWAYS have to remind myself that he is only THREE years old!!!!

well, i have been working on a project for matthew now for a couple of weeks. i am LOVIGN it because it is sooooo cool....i am going to send it on his 2nd b-day to everyone but i have a problem. it is a PPT presentation and it is 33mb BIG! soooo, either i am going to have to cut somethings out (make me sooo sad to do that), or like i did, host it on a server somewhere in space and have people download it, or i am going to try to ZIP it?!?!?! any ideas would be great if i can find them!!! anyway, i am just serching on the internet for SOMETHING i can do to compress it...

well, we are getting excited about his upcoming party! we are REGRETTING doing it outside but we will just have to PRAY HARD for NICE COOL weather!!!!!!!