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Thursday, May 04, 2006

ok...we had a little drama...

i guess we have to be careful on what i am thinking!! i was thinking, i don't WANT matthew to go to WHMC but to methodist! and darn it, we DID make it there! NOT in the way i would have wanted to be there! he really gave me a scare./ one point, i thought iwas going to LOSE HIM!!! i HATE HATE HATE his siezures!! it makes me feel soooooooo helpless. i think, overall, right now, that is what scares me the most. when he is sick and on oxygen, i can deal with that, but is soooooo scary! soooo, let me just give you an idea of what happened...

i have to tell you the story because it is very INTERESTING how things led up to the events. wed, we went shopping for matthew party. when we were at the walmart, THREE items FELL OFF THE SHELVES RIGHT NEXT TO kidding. we were in the candy isle and a bag of candy busted OPEN all over the floor, with nobody near it! and then 2 rows later, we were on the pickle row, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PICKLES, with nobody near it and a jar fell off the shelve and broke RIGHT NEXT TO US!!! scared us SILLY! and not a couple of minutes later a jar of MAYO did the same thing!!!! oooooooooooooookkkkkkk, by now, james and i were even scared to start DRIVING HOME because all of this stuff was happening!! we didn't know WHAT was going on!!! so we get home and james and i put the boys to bed and james left to go fishing with a buddy. well, matthew was not acting his usual "sleep time" self. he was WIRED and wide awake, talking , playing and just being REALLY loud....he must have played for about an HOUR or more...well, he finally settled down about 9ish and i got up at 9:25 to get his meds and get his feeds ready when i get near i hear this sound and thought to myself "he is still awake!!!" but he was NOT. he was having a MAJOR SIEZURE!!! it was sooooo scary and everything that could go wrong DID! i put him on his side and put his pulse ox on him and he was ok at 94 but he was siezing on the LEFT side massively and drooling soooo much and sounding HORRIBLE!! so i called james and told him to turn around (he was already by calaveras lake (about 30 mins plus away)...i called the nurse and they told me to call ems. i had some of that diastat rectum stuff but in my panick (and i was) i FORGOT HOW MUCH TO GIVE HIM!!! i knew i couldn't over do it because of his lungs (stop breathing) so i called ems...they sure sent the calvary!!! and right before they came, as i was setting up his oxygen (whole other story there), he suddenly STOPED and his sats went down to 64 and i thought "oh GOD, he is going to go into cardiac arrest!!!" BUT THANK YOU GOD he started up again!!! the firetruck came first and they said, we have to transport and then ems showed up! james, still on the road, called our neighbors to come stay with alex cause he was asleep! i was soooo thankful for them coming over!! we went to the hospital code 3 and when we got there, all our buddies were there to take care of him. our WONDERFUL nurse, came down from ICU to get all his info! it was sooooooo good to see her! of course, as soon as i saw her i lost it!! :( anyway, he was still siezing even though he was still and then he stopped breathing!!!!!! OMG, they ended up bagging him for about 30 seconds and they told me that if he didn't start breathing right, they will have to intubate HIM!!! his blood gases were HORRIBLE!! but then i told him, "matthew you don't like me to give you treatments with the mask, WAKE UP and breath!!" and then he started struggling!!! and BREATHING!!!! THANK YOU GOD! so, they did a CT scan of him and everything was as before. THANK GOD! so, they took us up to the PICU again, and we got to see some of our old nurses and doctors! they were in AWE of how big he was!!!! well, after a couple of hours there, they sent us HOME!! with a new siezure med. they don't know WHY he got it but they are going to wean him off of his other med and then keep him on this new on....he is doing fine BUT he is REALLY sleepy, irratible, and very floopy. so the dr cut back on the new med until he can get use to it. he said it might have been too much for him for now! BUT he is EATING BETTER?!?!?!?! we gave him some macaroni/cheese and fish and he ATE IT with NO GAGGING and he was CHEWING!!!! we were soooo excited! sooo, we are not sure if that was a one time thing or not but he did SOOO GREAT!! i would PERFER him not to go THAT route for it to CLICK!!!

anyway, he is doing fine. i am PRAYING that that does NOT happen again and the he perks up to his usual happy self! poor baby!