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Sunday, October 29, 2006

OMG.....105.3 AUXILLARY!!!

yesterday was SOOOO SCARY!! my poor little man!! he was starting to get sick yesterday so we started him on his neb treatments every 4 hours because he was coughing and just not feeling well (also gagging with his meals) at about 2 pm, he had a temp of 101 so we gave him tylenol and had to give it to him a couple of more times....well, then after he was asleep, james and i fell asleep and then james wakes me and tells me he is refluxing...i get up and he is BURNING UP!!! so i immediatley get a thermometer and james is taking a temp (ear) and he is getting readings about 105, 104.9...i was like WHAT?!?!?!?! his heart rate was also up into the 200's!!!!!! so i KNEW he must have had a high temp! so i take a temp under his arms and it is 105.3 with him fighting me and everything!! i was sooooooo scared!! i gave him some tylenol IMMEDIATELY and also get a wet towel to start sponging him off....i called ask a nurse but everyone ELSE must have been calling too so i proceded to call EMS because i was soooo sure he was going to have a seizure...his eyes were rolling back and he was grunting and just looking AWEFUL!!!! and we already had him on oxygen because he was, they come in and they take a temp and on their reading it is, they put him on a nonrebreather mask at 2 lts to keep his sats up and we were OFF!!! i was kinda worried when we got there because we were SOOOOOO use to going straight to the TRAUMA room and stuff and here we were going to the triage area instead...i thought they were goint ot send us out to the waiting room!!! but THANK GOD they did not! so, they put us back in a room and on oxygen and they put an iv in him and gave him some antibiotics thru the iv....and they SENT US HOME!!!! :) sooooo happy! we are just to continue some antibiotics and keep an eye on his o2 sats and just keep alternating tyelenol/motrin!

i was soooooo scared...i was remembering a freind of ours, LOT, and his 105 temp with a seizure that ended with him going from being able to sit/play etc and going to not being able to hold his head/sit etc because he fell behind developmentally! "frying brain" was in my mind...but he is back to normal...he still has a temp and he is still congested and needing oxygen but GOD WILLING we got it at the begining and he will be on the REBOUND!! :)