Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


well, HAPPY NEW YEARS from us to you! i sure hope everyone had a GREAT new years and this year is a WONDERFUL year for everyone one!!

we had a good new years eve....matthew gave us a scare, as i posted earlier....with those 2 seizure on sunday, he DID NOT TAKE A NAP because he kept rolling his eyes up and freaking us out and himself too!! i bet he was like, LOOK, CAN I PLEASE GO TO SLEEP?!?!?! we kept having to snap him out of it!! but on the way home from the get together (8:20 pm) he FINALLY fell asleep PEACEFULLY!!! THANK YOU GOD! we had been sooooo worried that he would have the BIG ONE but he slept "like a rock" as the song says!! and he and alex BOTH slept thru all the booms and such with new years ringing in!! but james and i watched it all from our up stairs windows and it was BEAUTIFUL!! our upstairs facing front looks out onto a valley, like we are on a hill and we were able to see all around!! VERY AWESOME!!!! and beautiful!!!

well, we also had a BIG HUGE AMAZING MIRACLE happen to us on NEW YEARS MORNING.... is DEFINETLY a SURPRISE!!! i am still in shock and that is NOTHING to how james is feeling!!! we were THROUGH and happy with our 2 little boys and this kinda put a spin on things....i am really HAPPY!!! i can't lie...i am in SHOCK because we really never thought it would happen again...we actually had a garage sale this weekend and pretty much the LAST of our baby stuff was GONE!!! wow, i don't know how this will play out...i am REALLY REALLY early and i have had 2 m/c and this will be the FIRST time that i start of the PG in a military environment but i am READY!! a great friend of mine reminded me that GOD WILL ONLY GIVE US AS MUCH AS WE CAN HANDLE and i whole heartedly agree and believe that!!! soooo, i am EMBRACING this little one and letting everyone know that we are PREGNANT and GOD WILLING this will be a GREAT PG and we will be a family of 5 IN THE FUTURE!!

so, please, i ask for prayers and good thoughts for this little bean...that he/she will develope correctly and that the pregnancy is uneventful and we have a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY baby in 9 months time!!

i won't lie and say it won't be nerve wracking but we are READY and GOD WILL KEEP US STRONG!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY & EXCITED!!

and i feel it is a PERFECT time to change my song on my blog back to "BLESSED" by martina mcbride!! i JUST LOVE THIS SONG and again, I AM FEELING SOOOOO BLESSED!! THANK YOU GOD!