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Saturday, January 13, 2007

went to my ob orientation!!

well, i went to my orientation and it went GREAT!! it was nice to have my hubby there too! just the usual filling out all the paper work and then having people come and talk to you about dental, nutrition, family advocacy (military)& a nurse come and talk to you about things....well, when she came around to talk to you about your due date, i told her my situation....i have long periods and they can go 30-45 days long.......i was kinda nervous because this will be my first pg straight thru the military and not thru a civilian dr...first, she put me at 7 weeks and i KNOW i am not THAT far along..i am probably about almost 5 weeks along.then i explained that i USUALLY (for my last 2 pg) had to take PROGESTERONE suppositories for the first 12 weeks to help me keep my babies....she had NEVER HEARD OF THAT!! so that kinda freaked me out a bit...but she said that i should get an urgent appt to get a dr to get my history and such...well, i tried and i couldn't get anywhere and they didn't know what to do etc and while i was on the phone, she went to the CHIEF OF OB and told him my situation and then she took the phone and told the lady, "don't worry, i got her" and then she took me to talk to him and he set me up for a SONOGRAM NEXT WED!!!! he was going to review my med records and see what they said and then do the sono and first get a date, see if we can see a hb and then go from there!!! i was SOOOO HAPPY and EXCITED because i didn't know if they were going to just brush me off or not!! BUT he also said that there was no MEDICAL PROOF that getting progesterone during the first 13 wks of pg helps keep the baby....well, i told him that i would accept whatever he suggested in that regard and just TRUST IN GOD..then, he spoke the words i needed to hear......i told him about matthew being born with a rare heart defect and he said WE WILL DO A FETAL ECHO ON HIM AT 20WKS AND AGAIN FURTHER ALONG AT ABOUT 36 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was soooooo happy and RELIEVED to hear that!!! i really was worried they would again brush that off as not being necessary but NOT!! sooooooo GOD WILLING we get that far, at least i have peace of mind that i WILL get it done and not have to fight for it!!! (i was going to if i had to)...

now, the bad mommy part....i have know now for ALMOST 2 solid weeks that i am pg and have i taken ONE PRENATAL VITAMIN?!?!?!?!?!? NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i am soooo mad at myself!! how could i have neglegted to do that?!?!?!?!!? SOOOOO, today's agenda is to buy some and get MOVING!!!! man, i am a BAD MOMMY!! that is probably why i have not had to much ms too!! :)

so all in all a GREAT appt!! i have my sono on wed at 1:45 and then my appt (for now) on feb 7th....