Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

still saying our prayers!!!

well, matthew has been doing REALLY GOOD on his new sz schedule and we are HAPPY!!! he got sick on us this weekend (and so did I)....our allergy count here in san antonio is OFF THE WALL! but he had a SUPER HIGH fever and just was feeling MISERABLE on sat morning but then that was it!! he has a bit of congestion and some runny nose but all is going GREAT!!!

alex is doing GREAT!! he is getting soooo big! i am so proud of my man!!! :) we asked him if he wanted another baby brother or baby sister and he said, " thank you, i already have the best baby brother" !!! melted our hearts to hear that!! he is starting to warm up to the subject!! and he is too funny...he always says that he (alex) is daddy baby and that matthew is mine...and then when i remind him that no, you are BOTH my babies and you BOTH came from mommy's tummy, he laughs and says, "NO I'M NOT, I CAME FROM DADDY'S TUMMY!" too cute!!! i can't wait for him to say that to james soldier buddies!! :)

anyway, we are truly ENJOYING ourselves with this pg!!! i know i am REALLY REALLY early but to be able to just SAY i am PG to anyone and everyone is such a BLESSING!! we usually wait till we are 12 wks along or further but i just would NOT hold this little one in and i just wanted to ENJOY EVERY SECOND of this BLESSING that GOD gave us!!!! i am incredibly happy!!! :) i never thought i would be pg again and to be given this gift is just AMAZING!!! i am already so in love!!! :)

anyway, i am just continueing to say my prayers for both my babies that all continues to go well!! we go to NEW OB ORIENTATION on friday and i can't WAIT!!! :)