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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


hello family and friends!

we hope everyone is doing GREAT!!! :)

well, i will quickly move on to the recent ready for this?!?!?!?! well, it seems like all the PRAYERS said for our little miracle........WORKED!!! THANK YOU GOD and THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! yep, drs are AGAIN baffled because guess where we are RIGHT NOW? we are HOME!!!! and WITHOUT THE PACEMAKER!!!

ok, here is how it went down.....well, as you know, we had such a ROLLER COASTER ride this past almost 2 weeks with matthew having surgery on MONDAY 14th and then such complications this weekend....a visit to the ER on sunday, a REPEAT OR visit on monday 21 (his birthday) and then all these heart has been TRULY a CRAZY ride!!! thru it all, we kept strong and we just PRAYED!! well, i can tell you this, after you see the attatched picture of his EKG strip and what that nurse saw, you will have NOT DOUBT of WHY they were in such a PANIC!! i will explain to you that when you look at the picture, the first strip is a pretty NORMAL strip, and then the strip in the middle is where you can see the LONG period of almost STRAIGHT LINE....THAT was the issue....they were such LONG pauses that if it was you or me, we would be passed out on the floor and probably had the PADDLES on you to shock your heart back to a normal rhythm!! the drs and nurses were FREAKING OUT!! because he kept doing it over and over again and matthew didn't even TWITCH!! they were asking me if he ever had any arrythmia problems and i said no, not that i know and they called in dr B and he was there BY CHANCE so late(i told him that it was NOT chance but that he was MENT to be there!!) and and he was ready to put a pacemaker in him THAT DAY!!! dr P his cardiologist talked him into to WAITING for a couple of days to see what happens and THANK YOU GOD THEY DID!! yesterday, matthew had a good day and just "dropped" a couple of beats but NOTHING as dramatic as monday....then today, when dr B came in the AM to see him....he said, "i don't know what to say to you....i am totally STUNNED and have not had this happened to me in my years of being a dr that a pt goes into COMPLETE AV HEART BLOCK and then just turns around and does soooooo well!!" he went on to say that usually it is a GIVEN that they WILL have a pacemaker because it just doesn't STOP!!! but THANK YOU GOD, matthew DID!!! he told me this morning that he was CANCELING the pacemaker surgery/heart cath because he said there was NO REASON to do it at this time!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW...THANK YOU GOD! he just couldn't believe that he was not needing one....he said that monday he needed the pacemaker YESTERDAY and ASAP but today he could SAFETLY say that nope, this kid did NOT NEED ONE!! isn't that AMAZING!!!??? we went from, HE NEEDS ONE RIGHT THIS NOPE, HE DOES NOT NEED ONE!!! what a ride! his cardiologist said that he had never seen a pt go from a normal rhythm to a (here is the medical term) MOBITZ TYPE 2 COMPLETE HEART BLOCK just like that!! he kept saying it was just BIZZARRE and scary!! he did say that this was MATTHEW soooo, you just NEVER know what he will do!! :) well, DR B gave us 2 options and that they could either implate a device the size of a "thumb drive" in him that didn't connect to anything but would monitor his heart rhythyms and then they could see if it would do it again OR we could do the non-invasive type and he wear a monitor for at LEAST a month or 2 and that would record any episodes or anything and then we could see what he does.....i went for the NON-INVASIVE approached in a heartbeat! so we should be getting it sometimes this week and we will monitor him for at LEAST a month....GOD WILLING it will not show anything but at LEAST we will have SOME peace of mind that it is not happening....we are to also push a button to mark when he has a seizure (which he THOUGHT might have been happening (since he has done so well in the EKG department)) and also when he drops his heartrate like he does sometimes....this should be INTERESTING!!! anyway, i am SOOOO HAPPY that my beautiful baby BOY did NOT need to have SURGERY and the PACEMAKER!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! i can't even TELL you what an emotional ride it has been.....BABY G must be FREAKING out right about now!! :) anyway, so i am so happy to say that we are HOME HOME HOME!!! we will DEFINETLY watch him very closely and they told us to make sure we metion that event if there is ever a time he has to have a procdure with anesthisia.......

i will have to send out my ORIGINAL letter for his birthday someday soon after we get would have pics and everything!! but i have to get back in the groove of things and get james ready to will definetly be a couple of days worth of STRESS!! and news on that front is that we get an EXTRA WEEK of james!!! :) he offically leaves JUNE4TH!!! so we are happy about that!!!

i so want to thank EVERYONE for their thoughts and prayers for our little miracle man matthew....he proved YET AGAIN, that thru the power of prayer, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THRU GOD" matthew 19:26 we are just soooooo blessed to have ya'll in our lives following our little miracle along his way.....THANK YOU!!

well, on a side note, matthew is also doing WONDERFUL after his latest OR visit....where before he was on ROUND THE CLOCK tylenol w/codien meds, he has NOT had any in almost 24 hours and you would NEVER KNOW IT!! he is soooo much better, THANK YOU GOD! he looks great and is happy to be back home!

well, i will attatch a couple of pics of matthew ON HIS BIRTHDAY...if you can't view them for some reason, i will be sending out another email soon with more pics and a better way of viewing them....again, THANK YOU from our hearts for all the thoughts and prayers for matthew....THANK YOU GOD THEY WORKED AND HE HEARD!!!

take care and GOD BLESS...

happy to be home,
the gonzalez family

maria, james, alex, matthew, & baby G (IT'S A BOY!!)





Anonymous said...

What a pouty little face Matthew. You have that down. Love you, Aunt Cindy