Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

it seems like....

life is going SOOOO FAST! i can't believe it has been about a week since i last posted! amazing! i mean to post more often but i just get busy or i am sooooo tired or.....the list can go on! but life here at the family home is going ok. we have a run of sickness going thru our house and that has been a challenge TOO!! it started with me last weekend....i started with sore throat and sniffles and it went from there BUT i think it is my allergies because it started after doing a BIG dusting session on my house!! well, then on WED, alex woke up with the sniffles and sneezing like crazy and then matthew started up right after naptime with nose runny!!! YEP, either i was actually sick (which i DON'T think so) or we picked it up SOMEWHERE!! well, alex and mine are slowly going away....actually alex is doing about 90% better and i am about 75% (still have the nose going) and then there is my little matthew.....matthew as usual, got the worst of it. that is what somepeople don't understand about matthew. for you or me, it is just a MILD cold with a couple of days feeling sick and then poof, we are done! matthew gets MUCH WORST! a simple cold turns into something else entirely! by THURSDAY, the next day, he was MUCH worst, with coughing, sneezing, and constant runny nose. thank GOD we had a drs appt already with his pulmonologist and we were started on neb treatments every 4 hours, and if he got worst, we were to start the oral steroids....soooo, by FRIDAY, he was WORST! so he is now on his run of oral steroids and is using oxygen during nap time!! yep, not a happy camper with treatments and suctioning going on! poor kiddo! his oxygen sats are also pretty bad! this is the FIRST TIME since james has been gone that i am doing it on my own. it has been really ok THANK GOD because i still have nursing help during the week during the day. just the evening is a bit tough. i timed it, it takes 30 mins to get him his treatments, meds and such before he gets to actually start to sleep....james feels really sad that he is not able to help me but i told him that all is well. i just PRAY that he gets better SOON!!!

alex is doing better too....he actually had to have the GRANDIUALOMA removed this past week on tues and it was pretty sad....he cried and he had to get a shot in the neck and then get the growth removed with a razor and then cauterized with a tool...he did SOOOOOOO AMAZING.....i am soooooooo proud of him....he is into TRANSFORMERS right now so i went and got him one because he did SOOOOO WELL!! he is getting sooo big! the dr thought that he was SIX years old and when i told him, no, he is only 4 he just about FLIPPED!!! :)

james is doing GREAT....just tired as usual and WORKING really hard....he did get a package from us and he enjoyed the goodies....they already sent MOST of his personal belongings overseas this week!! yep, it is almost that time for him to go over is hard to believe but GOD WILLING he will be able to come home RIGHT BEFORE he has to leave to see the baby....GOD WILLING.....

well, we got in to an accident on wed! yep, my FIRST in like FOREVER!!! so one didn't see me i guess i was in their blind spot and they moved into my lane with me in it!! they just scraped my side and they have already paid for it and got me a rental and everything is getting taken care of right now!! i just took it in today (7/16)....

well, i now have gained a TOTAL of 4 lbs in this pg!! my dr was really surprised but HAPPY with the weight...she said i looked GREAT and that the baby seems to beding fine too! hb 147 and just everything looks well. i asked to see if i could schedule my C/S on the 27th instead of the 30th and to do that, i have to have an AMNIOCENTISIS!!! yep, they want to be sure that baby is ready to come out!! wow! i was kinda shocked but they didn't want to have any problems with the lungs of the she asked me if that would be ok and i said that that was FINE because as LONG as james was able to see the baby, i would do it! sooooo, she will call me back and let me know when the date was for sure!! i am scared but excited! i told her that IF i went BEFORE my scheduled c/s, i would TRY to have a natural birth!! i am excited that that COULD happen but i kinda know that it would be something probably that would NOT happen....we shall leave in GOD'S hands!! as long as the baby is healthy, i am HAPPY!

OK, well, that is it for now! we are preparing for alex NOT-birthday coming up...i will explain at a later date...ta-ta!