Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


that is ALL i can say for the past couple of days (since friday)....i am just SOOOOOO EXHAUSTED.....really. i don't say that often but i can honestly say that RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND....well, where should i begin?

this friday, we went to mr gattis for a party for my cuz 18th was a GREAT day BUT i think we picked up SOMETHING there...or should i say MATTHEW picked something up and i am soooooo UPSET....i can't be sure if it was there but what makes me SAD is that he was GETTING OVER HIS ILLNESS that had lasted over 2 WEEEKS(after a TWO rounds of oral steroids and 10 days of an antibiotic)!! gggrrrrhhhhh,.....I am just soooo sad about that. and TRUST ME, the only thing he touched was a steering wheel BUT immediately after i sanitized his hands afterwards but maybe not enough?! i don't know, i am just sooooo sad for him....well on SUNDAY, at 2:30am, he woke up COUGHING AND COUGHING uncontrollably and i had to give him a treatment & suction. and when he woke up in the am, he was WORST!! he was coughing and feeling HORRIBLE (laying on the floor, not playing etc) and he just started to breath really fast, retracting, moaning, groaning, just very lethargic etc and i got REALLY REALLY REALLY worried because i was getting ready to take him to the HOSPITAL because he was struggling sooooo much....i called his pulmonologist and they had ALREADY seen him TWICE in the 2+ weeks of being ill and she told me i had to start steroids again, and she told me that i had move his treatments to every 2-3 hours and suctioning etc...and then he spiked a FEVER of 103.7 AUX and it WOULDN'T GO DOWN!!! i had to give him his bath because after 2 hours his temp was STILL 102.7 even after tylenol!! he was feeling SOOOO SICK!! the nurse was telling me to if i think he should go, to take him to the hospital....i waited it out but we had a HARD NIGHT and just WORRYING.....on monday, he was STILL SICK and not himself. we had a 2 drs appt in the am and then he was just soooo tired....then, that night HE WOKE UP AT 3:30 AM coughing again but WOULD NOT GO TO SLEEP!! soooooooooooo, today, i have been UP SINCE 3:30 AM (and didn't get back home (alex and I) for TWELVE HOURS!!) and our day started at 6:45am because we had to be at the hospital for an UPPER GI at 7:30am (the drs was just checking to see if he might be refluxing or aspirating) and NO he was NOT refluxing or aspirating....then I dropped of matthew and his nurse at home for his nap and alex and i headed to our WONDERFUL tuesday PLAYDATE for alex!! it was very nice to sit and chat and watch alex have sooo much fun! then it was BACK to pick up matthew and his nurse to take him to his pulmonologist appt at 2pm and we were there for 3 HOURS!!!! yep, he had wheezing all over and he was junky etc....we ended up getting a nasal wash, a treatment with the PULMONARY CPT vest and they looked like they might want to admit him....but they sent us home on......21 MORE DAYS OF ANTIBIOTICS, ANOTHER ROUND OF ORAL STEROIDS and WE ARE ACTUALLY WAITING FOR HIS PERSONAL CPT VEST MACHINE!! if you remember, this is the video i had back on MARCH 10TH of him in his vest....we are now in the process of getting him one of these for him to use EVERY DAY to help him, it was CRAZY and i am just sooooooo sad for him because i know he does not feel has been really hard because it has been NON STOP this WHOLE MONTH......and i am now almost 35 weeks along....less than a MONTH before we meet our newest baby EXCITING...i am just THANKFUL TO GOD everyday that i don't feel bad and that i still have energy and don't feel big or antying....i can't imagine if i DID and what i would do!!!

sooooo, we are just PRAYING that he clears up....he NEEDS to get BETTER because i hate for him to use all these meds and him just not feel like himself.....

anyway, tomorrow we have ONE appt and then that is it!! i am EXCITED about that!!

please, just pray he gets better.....he needs all and any that might come his way!! thanks....