Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

well, i fell today....

yep, my MIL jinxed me!! :( it has been raining here like FOREVER and my niece and i went shopping for alex birthday and we were at toys r us....we were walking out of the store to our car and i stepped on the yellow arrows to show direction to go down the street and WHAM!! my right foot shot right from under me and as i felt it i KNEW i was going to fall and i bent my knee (thank GOD) and bent my left knee and ended up falling on my left knee!! it actually was kinda graceful!! :) but i am SORE NOW!! i was like, "pg lady is ok!!" it was actually funny but man, i am SORE SORE SORE NOW!! we went shopping today to get some stuff for alex 5th birthday....i am soooo excited! he is TOTALLY into the TRANSFORMERS and i we got him some cute stuff for that....we are NOT going to have a party for him because he does NOT want one! he said that he is NOT TURNING 5 THIS YEAR and when we ask him why he said cause daddy is not here....awww...i feel soooo bad for him....he really misses his daddy and DOES NOT WANT A what we are going to do a "playdate" a couple of days before his birthday with all his little buddies that he plays with (9 of them) and i am going to order some pizza and maybe some cupcakes and that is it! i am not going to tell him what they are really there should be fun!

well, matthew is still really sick. he is on ANTIBIOTICS now and he is also on ANOTHER ROUND of steroids!!! yep, the first one didn't work and he is still on neb treatments every 4 hours!! poor kiddo! and this week we were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUSY it was AMAZING!! EVERYDAY, minus tues, we were out from about 9 am to about 4 pm1!! crazy!! drs appt, hosp, xrays, therapy you NAME IT!! i think i over did it a couple of days cause i started to have contractions!!!!! and they were PAINFUL!! i honestly thought that i was going into labor ONE DAY but thankfully, all is well.....