Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


something so touching happened today! i was going thru a tub of clothes that my best buddy D gave me, clothes that her little one had out grown...well, i finally got to it today so i could sort it and guess what i found?!?!? MY BABIES CLOTHES!!! wowowowowow....i thought i had lost ALL of them (remember, i had a big yard sale in dec 2006 the month BEFORE i found out i was pg) and i had forgotten that i had passed along all of matthew and alex clothes to my buddy because i THOUGHT i would not need them anymore and THERE THEY WERE!!! AWWWWW!! that is the BEST thing!! as i was pulling them out, i could remember seeing the 2 older boys in them and i am so happy to have them BACK so that my 3rd baby can wear it!! that is just REALLY soooooo exciting!!

i have also been making BREAD recently since it has been soooo cold....i made some yummy BANANA bread and recently, i made some pumkin bread and WOW, i sure improved on the last bach!! it is sooooo YUMMY!! the poor nurses are my guinny pigs but they said that it was really good this last one!! YUM!!

well, i have not heard from james in a COUPLE of days and i am just a bit worried. i know he is really busy, he is working 6 days on and only 1 day off...i just hope he is well...we miss him like CRAZY and just can't wait to get him home with us....i have been just DREAMING of what we would do together....just BEING together....i can't believe that it has been over 7 months since he left....josh is 5 months old now too...wowowowowow...time is flying by!!

the boys are getting better SLOWLY BUT SURELY...i am going to call the dr tomorrow because matthew has been REALLY tired recently and i just want to check his levels especially his iron level...he use to be anemic sooooo....GOD WILLING that is ALL that is going on....