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Monday, January 28, 2008


we got the BEST news today....i am so happy and excited and just STUNNED!! what!?!? might you ask am i so excited about?!?!?!?! well, TODAY after much work to get it done WE GOT THE NEWS THAT WE WERE APPROVED FOR THE BED FOR MATTHEW ISAIAH!!!

we have been working on trying to get this bed since is a special needs bed called SLEEP SAFER HILO BED ( and it is REALLY hard to get approval for, we started back in september trying to get it because we knew it would be a long time coming...well, the reason it took so long was that the ORIGINAL company that we started the WHOLE LONG PROCESS with went out of buisness so we had to start FRESH again from the begining with another DME, with the holidays and all, things started to get behind until FINALLY 2 weeks ago, we got it all together and sent it on to our primary insurance....well, they told us FLAT OUT that they would NOT approve this bed....they had 2 other beds that they approved but i did NOT like them whatsoever so i told the DME to get the denial and we would TRY to go thru medicaid....well, we got that denial and it came in on WED 23rd and i immediately faxed it over to the DME so that they could send it along with all the WONDERFUL paper work that the drs had worked soooooo hard on....well, it usually takes 72 hours to get a approval/denial and i got the call TODAY...the DME worker was ALSO stunned becuase it normally does not go thru the FIRST time thru and for it to go thru....WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW....THANK YOU GOD!!! soooo, she is ordering the bed and GOD WILLING we will be getting the bed SOON! matthew is getting REALLY TO BIG for his crib and he can't sleep in something that is not contained because he has his pulse ox all night plus his night feeding pump running so if he got out of bed, he could really hurt himself...well, he has also gotten STUCK in the rails of the crib (his legs & arms) because he is chuncky and i won't forget ONE TIME i thought i would have to call the fire department or someone to HELP!!!

ANYWAY, i am sooooo happy and EXCITED that he will be getting his bed sometime in the near future!! THANK YOU GOD!!! :)


Holly said...

am so happy you all are getting this bed -- this was one of the very first things you had mentioned you needed when we met! How cool that it is finally coming your way!