Wishes DO come true...our FAMILY in FLORIDA!! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

wow, a week into it....

it has been a week since my kiddos started to get sick!! joshua is still coughing and matthew is still coughing....but alex and i both seem to have missed the sick train THANK YOU GOD!!!! i felt sick there for a bit but then that was it...i just hope that these 2 boys get better REALLY SOON! dr on friday said that if by 10 days down the road (31st) JOSHUA is still coughing, i need to take him BACK in and keep MATTHEW on the tamiflu for another round!!!! i was like, "you're kidding, right?!" but he just doesn't want to take the chance that matthew gets the flu!! and now, matthew is wheezing all over so we are really being aggressive with his treatments and suctioning...poor kid! although he is doing just fine, THANK GOD!!

well, tomorrow we get to get out of the house for a has been a WEEK of not going ANYWHERE, keeping the 2 kids and myself AWAY from matthew and just overall ISOLATION....alex is ready for some PLAYTIME so i just PRAY that tuesday is a BEAUTIFUL DAY so we can go to the PARK for some fun with his buddies!!! and that wed everyone is healthy enough to have some company over for some MORE playtime!! it has been HARD to keep away from matthew....i have had MINIMAL contact with him...i look in on him from the doorway and he just gives me the breaks my HEART!!! but i know it is for the BEST because he DOESN'T need the FLU!! soooo, we just keep doing what we are doing and just hope that everyone gets better SOON!!

oh, and if you are wondering about the songs, well, PAUL BRANT "I DO" was james and i wedding song and our 11th wedding anniversary is coming up on FEB. 1ST!! just getting ready for it....