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Saturday, February 09, 2008

BUCCA james...

20080209- 0627hrs your time and 1527hrs my time

Hello all! How are ya‘ll doing? I am doing fine over here in the Middle East. The trip here has been an experience that will not be forgotten. Sorry I have not sent many emails out lately but the time here has been really busy. It has taken a toll on the body physically and not as much mentally. I have been on a 6 and 1 schedule lately and over 80hrs of work time in a 6 day work week. When I have that one day off all I want to do is absolutely nothing. I try to call mamma and the boys as much as I can and it just fells so good to talk to them when I can. I love it when I talk to them and it makes me feel so good. I always look forward to talking to mamma and the boys. There still isn’t much to talk about over here on the net or phone. Everything you say on the phone is being monitored and everything you send on the net is being watched. Boy I can’t wait till I get home. Everything on this end is pretty much the same ol same. My time here still consists of the following:
1 go to work
2 go to sleep
3 go to gym
4 take shower
5 go eat
6 go to work
7 go to sleep
8 go to gym
9 take a shower
10 go eat
11 go to work
It’s the same thing day in day out. I turn in laundry when I need to in between the schedule. I know these letters have probably been the same but I’ll try to change it up every once and a while. I just wanted to basically let all know that I am dong just fine.
Chayo’s and my moms care packages have been outstanding and they keep me in good spirits and make me feel good. I have received other care packages from friends and I thank them for keeping me in mind. The one that is the true hero here is mamma back at home taking care of my 3 lovely boys. She has such a busy schedule with them and is doing such a great job. It is nice that we have a nurse that comes over to help out with Matthew. My boys are doing great. They are all growing and missing their daddy, but soon I will be home with them and my wife. I can’t wait to see everybody again when I get home. There is a lot of things that I want to do when I get home. Well, ya’ll take care and have a good day. I will talk to you later.

Love from Iraq,
SSG Gonzalez, James A