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Monday, February 11, 2008

went to the NEUROLOGIST today....

today, we had an appt with matthews neurologist....we have had about SEVEN seizures since the begining of the new year and just 4 this month!! that is DEFINETLY an INCREASE in sz since before!! sooo, we talked about what he was doing and such and i found out that the names and what kind of seizures he is having....when he does his "normal" sz where his hand clenches or his mouth moves, he i having PARTIAL SEIZURES.....the sz that he had in OCTOBER 6TH (where he was airlifed) and the one on FRIDAY NIGHT, they are called COMPLEX PARTIAL is a definition of what they are!!

Partial SeizuresPartial seizures originate from a localized, or specific, part of the brain. There are two types of partial seizures: simple partial seizures, which do not alter an individual's mood or consciousness, and complex partial seizures, which are associated with a change in the level of consciousness or responsiveness. The clinical features of a simple partial seizure depend on the region of the brain in which the seizure originates, and may be characterized by little more than a tingling sensation in the hands or feet or a visual distortion or hallucination. The clinical features of a complex partial seizure also depend on the region of the brain involved, and can have a similar onset as a simple partial seizure. However, the individual's responsiveness is impaired during the seizure episode. For example, if a seizure starts in the region of the brain controlling movement of the hand, a simple partial seizure could be characterized by jerking movements of the hand. If the person also begins staring and becomes unresponsive, the seizure would be considered a complex partial seizure.

soooooooooooo....they are still considered "unresolved", what is going to happen?? we are going to WEAN him off of one of his current drugs and move him to another drug with the HOPES AND PRAYERS that this will be the KEY to no more siezures!! please GOD!! he is currently on FOUR SIEZURE MEDS!! my poor baby! these drugs supress him so it' no WONDER he is still working so hard and is sooooo far behind!! but he keep trucking along! my strong boy!!!

sooo, that is it! we are going to start TODAY to wean him off of ZONEGRAM and replace it with KEPRA...he had been on that A LONG TIME AGO so we hall see what side effect he gets and GOD WILLING what good stuff comes from it!!

well, i guess i will be back in a couple of days to see what happens...PLEASE pray that this works!!